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  1. Anyone else having huge lag /fps drop near these new interiors? my pc aint the best, i know that , but i only had do deal with pillbox and mission row Now its everywhere . The interiors do look good but like the licensing place is sooo big for nothing.
  2. hitting y while driving is a hassle and a liability . hence why no one really use's it . if it was a hold shift ,i think it would be used more often
  3. Suggestion = Wen u hold shift , it maintains that speed ,so shift locks the speed your doing only while holding it down
  4. Alot of prices are still going threw a "ajustment" phase , at least you brought it up perhaps this is one thats needs more fine tuning ? Idk
  5. Risk vs reward. Go big , make big money. Go big , get caught Big. Risk vs reward
  6. So im wondering if its time to reopen this up to public , white listing is a great idea but we need the numbers first to be able to do that . Having new players invest time in the server at the start is a huge part of building a community . Numbers are low , i think its time to open up to public , at least for now. Thoughts?
  7. cant pull out a car from garage and cant buy a gun is too many restrictions>?
  8. 4000$ is just a rumor, its nothing close to that .
  9. you would prob want a feature to where ppl cannot talk on that freq to avoid ppl ruining it , but ya that would be pretty cool
  10. Tbh , what are the cops ganna use that money for if they cant do crime? drive fancy cars and obey the speed limmit?
  11. Pretty sure you can drive car without a license , just cannot pull one out of garage, used to just get keys from a friend but with the give key option broken you cant atm. It was a thing. pretty sure its the same for guns , a friend can give you a gun , you just cant buy one without license.
  12. Me and Knox do it all the time , all in rp and surprisingly it works, i dont see a need to make it a actual "job"
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