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  1. Welcome back brother. Love that your in the city again.
  2. Hey Jason, hope this helps. Recommend any vehicle you want reviewed to post here.
  3. -1 The SMALL illegal activities are great to have. Its good for ROOKIE cops to have something to patrol and check out, gain experience, BUT more importantly, its a great start for a criminal to meet other criminals. Bigger criminals can even use these smaller locations to recruit criminals. Also, Roots. Something to remember which was once the ONLY criminal activity available.
  4. You'd be amazed how Equal PD Weapons are to civilian weapons.....some people just shoot better. lol
  5. I think if its for the exp / rp then it shouldn't matter. Just shoot. Most shoot the AK wrong btw. The gun is very solid.
  6. Based on the comments. More of a nightmare than anything.
  7. Sounds excessive to be real. Stored video takes up ALOT of space. I don't see it working tbh. Idea is cool and all, but excessive and a far stretch.
  8. +1 (If) carrying cash is still relevant.
  9. I think just having the ability to flip vehicles that are turned over ONLY when clocked in on Tow not abusing the job for the mechanic wouldn't be too bad.
  10. -1 , that's what look outs are for, and.....there's already something that helps, but I won't spoil that. Find out
  11. As long as there is a counter to locating and disabling. Then sure.
  12. What RP? The majority of Heartstoppers being made are for self use or for specific groups to horde. its not always done for the RP, its simply done for the simplicity of NOT having to buy food or drinks at a store. The current meta is, you don't need beverages. You just need a burger that 100% fills your thirst and beverage. The Re-Work I see that is needed is. - Food fills your hungry 100%, NOT your thirst. In fact, eating in general should cause your thirst to go down a little bit. - Add Beverages to be Made, this will allow "more RP" in having workers. - This Allows, Cashier, C
  13. I'm not saying right away, I don't think the server is there yet. I do at least want to hear what others think. There was moments in 1.0 where raids on PD were hilarious. I think the current issue is bodies disappearing randomly that would throw off a gun fight, however if fixable, would be nice for the opportunity to be there. I believe the server is in the right direction where hitting the Police Station would require going through essentially everyone. lol
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