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  1. I'd recommend using Discord to get #general-help / you'll most likely get a quicker response.
  2. +1 , if it was used more. I can see the need to keep, but I hardly see anyone using it.
  3. A group of "ambassadors" would be a nice alternative. Seen it work in other cities. Essentially if available, they would know when someone new arrived and they would meet up, offer a ride, help them get familiar with functions, etc.
  4. vDrop

    LSPD Interviews

    LSPD Interviews will be conducted on Discord. Please join the Waiting Room POLICE channel during the selected times. Thank You
  5. Maybe you installed it wrong, lol. Its clearly working for him.
  6. vDrop

    LSPD Interviews

    Interviews for the LSPD will be conducted on Discord. It'll be a first come, first serve basis. All you have to do is join the Waiting Room POLICE channel between the allotted time slot.
  7. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-mlo-los-santos-gym/1051705 Just thought it was cool, and a little different.
  8. Watch his Stream, he's a pretty open book.
  9. What's a power tackle? There should only be one tackle, with Shift Q has designed. Is there another tackle that's being used? @Kevin Ross
  10. That's how I personally think it should work too. No License, Cannot buy from the store. But there's got to be measures put into place to allow that. For instance, someone has to purchase the legal weapon. So therefore I think registered weapons would be awesome.
  11. Would be neat if when you tackle someone, that's a slight delay in the person whom got tackled, and can get up. Example, A suspect was running from the police, he tackled me and the other officers, but we of course were physically able to get up right away, therefore it gave the suspect no advantage. The situation works vice versa. The ability to be able to tackle someone, and have a split moment to being able to apply cuffs.
  12. Not sure what the current size is, but I would agree that the bigger the fish, the better the pay. I good QoL request. +1
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