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  1. Ill do it. The city is actually going to be shutting down after december so i wouldnt get too attached....
  2. Hard difficulty. i dont die enough on easy
  3. clear your FiveM cache. And custom wheels are known to cause game crashes, try to avoid them
  4. Would it be possible to then remove the restriction of leaving the cell and once you do your now longer "jailed"?.
  5. Will add more ideas as i think of them. Now on a unrelated note i would personally love to see a increase in the max PD allowed on the server at a time. Currently i believe its 8 POs and 2 Recruits max if its 64 players (tell me if im wrong im not PD). With that if there is just one robbery and another high speed chase PD would be completely busy with no other officers available to do anything else. Im not talking a massive increase just maybe bump it up to 12 (10 Po's and 2 recruits). Now off to my ideas ; Alright so currently you can only rob 24/7's that are scattered around the map and you get some small money from it. I was thinking that maybe we can add robbing other places and add additional steps, making robbing more fun and interactive. Maybe make it so drilling into the safe is like a minigame and if you get it wrong the drill will get jammed (think PAYDAY 2). Maybe add robbing the jewelry store or banks but you ONLY get dirty money and you have to clean it, or maybe make it so you get jewels or other metals that need to be melted and recut adding more chances for PD to find you and bust what you're doing. Maybe add actual security cameras that can look into the stores (like what we currently have at the Coke Labs) Maybe add places that you can rob to get illegal weapons, like the micro SMG or the Autopistol that take multiple steps to complete. Then have jobs so that people can sign in as security personnel there to spice it up even more
  6. I would personally love to see the addition of just normal Medkits in green stores for like 2500 dollars to keep them expensive, and what they would do is simply stabilize a person for X amount of minutes Or maybe they can allow you to move a downed individual but it speeds up their bleedout time and you can only carry them for so far.
  7. I think the sniper teams mentioned above would be perfect for a situation like this. Almost all 24/7 locations are around highground so i doubt it would be that hard to implement
  8. Not sure how this would be implemented but if it would be possible to steal an officer's radio and have access to their comms (especially now that comms are going to be exclusively IC) i think that would be pretty cool, also being able to steal an officer's weapon like their SMG or shotgun like how they do it in Nopixel. Dont know how it would work but its something that i would love to see.
  9. Not sure if this fits here but i would love to see off duty cops act as if their off duty cops. Not running with gangs or dealing drugs on the side because it doesnt really make sense
  10. Theres some mechanics that will actually diagnose the vehicle which i love to see, even if it doesnt make sense (maybe they arent into cars that much) its still s o m e t h i n g
  11. True, not exactly sure how to get around that.
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