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  1. Towing and Mechanics are under the same job title though. The threads he posted are suggestions for job centers.
  2. I think that would be a lot of coding for something that's all automated from the user coming for the upgrades. Would be cool to see mechanics able to do that kind of stuff, but I honestly don't think it's something the devs would put too much time into. Not speaking for them of course, just my thoughts.
  3. Characters (In order of most played):

    MISCHKA MIKOLAEV - EMT, Pilot, Lawyer
    Married to Aleksi |  "Father" to Elijah and Quentin | Member of "The Coven"
    Contact Number (Services/Chat): 170-2295

    ADRIAN PARKER - Jr. Mechanic, Fast Car Enthusiast, "Medical" Marijuana Dealer
    Brother to Devon Durand | Dating Max | Higher up in "The Coven"
    Contact Number (Services/Chat): Ask in-game

    DEVON DURAND - Mechanic, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Rookie EMT
    Sister of Adrian Parker | Single | Not a member of any gangs
    Contact Number (Services/Chat): 287-5175

    Previous Characters:

    "BIG BERTHA" DAVIS - Butch Mechanic & Tow Truck Driver, Rebel Radio Lover
    Mother to Adrian Parker & Devon Durand (Different fathers)
    Contact Number (Services/Chat): NO LONGER IN CITY

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