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  1. Great Murder Kitty on Coke!!! Just what the world needs
  2. There was a point in time (and it may still happen some today) that many departments had ex-criminals on the force. Best way to catch a criminal is to think like one, best way to think like one is through experience…
  3. I have a couple of Train Sims as well (would really like to get the controller panel for them too). I’d probably end up in the hospital with most of those right now! It doesn’t take much to throw off my heart rate!
  4. So! What games are y’all into? These days I stick to a handful of “slower paced” games due to a medical condition that has been bothering me for several months. So my top 5 based on recent time spent playing: GTA V (Of course) mainly on RP server(s) Red Dead Redemption 2, again mainly on RP server(s) American Trucking Simulator (especially loving the new convoy mode built in) and YES I have wheel & pedals MS Flight Simulator and yes I have joystick (waiting on a yoke & pedals combo) and last but not least Farming Simulator 19 with numerous maps and mods to customize each session just for me.
  5. Yes, my parents had a strange sense of humor… but it’s ok because I got even, I now LOVE to hunt coyotes in my spare time! Where did I come from? Where will I go? (Where did he come from cotton eyed Joe?) lol Well, I’m a Navy veteran (slightly disabled due to service), tech wizard of sorts. At 40 years old I’d made a nice fortune, not Bill Gates or Elon Musk fortune, but sizable enough for me. So I started winding down and retired early, things were great, I had a huge mansion overlooking the city we lived in back east, as well as a lake house and a hunting cabin. Toys galore! Airplanes, helicopters, fast cars, gas guzzling muscle cars, more motorcycles then I could count really. My wife and I were constantly traveling, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Like I said, life was great… WAS! Then the down spiral started. Drugs you ask? Nope! Unless of course YOU consider cannabis a drug (which I don’t), it’s ALL medicinal, or at least it should be. No, my downfall was greed. I didn’t see it that way of course, I was just trying to set up my legacy. I sold out all of my stock options, liquidated everything but the physical properties listed above, and put it ALL in cryptocurrency. It was right as the trends were starting to show stable trends upwards, and to top it all off good old Elon was backing and boasting about how great it was! The man had a Midas touch, everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, and this looked to be NO exception!!! Within weeks I was fast tracking the profit train, in less than a year, DOUBLED my nice little nest egg. That’s when tragedy started to hit. I had a stroke! Are you joking. I’m 42 and exercise regularly, eat healthy (although not by some people standards I’m sure), and I have a damned stroke! So there I was, in the hospital, hooked up to machines for several weeks. In and out of consciousness, and when I’m awake I wasn’t alert, even if I was I probably wouldn’t have felt like being on my tablet anyway. When I was finally released and felt good enough to start trying to get my brain out of the fog, I logged into my crypto wallet and damned near had a heart attack! My wallet was basically empty, I’d lost more money than some small businesses even make in 5 years time! It didn’t take long before my wife found out, and as you can imagine, it went over like a fart at a wedding! She left me immediately and went to her mothers, retreat and regroup tactics as it turned out. Since she had her own money from having her own successful career, she was able to hire the BEST damned divorce attorney in the eastern seaboard! You can imagine the results… she got it ALL! All of the physical properties we had, became hers, solely! I was left with literally a suitcase full of clothes, well and a “sympathy” parting gift of $15k with the string attached that I was to leave town (and go far away) so she wouldn’t have to be shamed every time her friends and family saw me around town. I landed in LS a few days ago, sorry I didn’t jump right in here to announce my pathetic past right away, I was hoping for a little bit of luck before I decided if I was even going to stick around honestly! My first day was filled with confusion and activity like I’d not seen in a while. Not know what I needed, or where to go to get started, I literally just started walking around. Not to much time passed and I happened across a guy in a pickup truck and flagged him down. A brief introduction and Jessie is offering to not only tell me the basic needs to tend to, but wants to taxi me around for a bit and wouldn’t let me even buy him lunch or gas! After we get done (final step was him helping me find a car to get started out with so I can try to make some legit money) we part ways and I head back to my apartment for a nap and a meal. I woke up well rested and hungry again, so down to the parking lot I go. Only to NOT find my beater (that I actually liked) anywhere! I thought, ok maybe I’m confused (I still have lingering issues from the stroke, and confusion is a big part of it). Down the street I go to another lot. Right as I get there and am about to inquire about my car, three guys pull up in a dark rice burner, one’s got a raccoon head on, another has a penguin head, the third - I think just a hoodie and bandanna. They zip tied me and tell me to get in their trunk! I’m like what? This is my first night in town guys… do you really want this to be my first impression? Yes they do! They keep insisting that I get in the trunk, I negotiated a ride in the back seat (because hey, they had room), their response was “don’t p!ss on the leather! I won’t spoil the rest of the story, or bore some of you, but as you can tell I survived! And I’m going to keep surviving! I’ve been out and about checking out the city now for several days/nights and am overall happy to be here. I’ve met some great folks already, and a few (shall we say) odd characters. I’m looking forward to making some great friends and hanging out, but a man does need to work, so you might bump in to me grinding away. Feel free to holler at me, or howl if you know that Wiley is around! Later Taters!
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