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  1. Welcome to the city beans! I have seen on twitter and I have yet to meet you, but I am looking forward to it.
  2. I agree, it used to be legion, then it became 5/6 and now 2/6. I think it just comes down to people's behavior and not contributing to those bad situations. And like Florida said people can go to another mechanic it it gets bad, there are 4 mechanic shops in the city alone.
  3. The thing is that I have never gone to a mechanic in real life and had the mechanic say "I just work on tips, so pay me whatever you like". I'm fine with people working on tips, but it should not be expected of people. The system was designed in a way that people could charge a small amount and people would still be saving money by going to the mechanic. If everyone was charging $2,500 for repairs then I would say the system isn't working, but that's not what's happening. I say if someone wants to work on tips then let them, and if someone wants to use a random number generator that caps at a few hundred like I do, then let them. I personally spend more money on repairs than on, food, gas, and medical combined just because I know being a mechanic isn't that well paying of a job. If someone is being a jerk and charging a lot then I understand the backlash, but if I charge someone $328 for a repair I don't see the problem in that. And hey if someone doesn't pay well, that is pretty realistic sometimes people refuse to pay. Situations like that make great civil matters and are the perfect situations to get the police involved for even more RP. This is just my opinion on it, I hope at least a few of you agree.
  4. I understand what you are saying Saja, all I'm saying is that it wouldn't hurt anyone for there to be more of a reward in some of the illegal jobs. I am simply saying that for something that has a high risk I would expect a higher reward. Again I agree that people should put more effort into the RP and I personally try to, but part of why crime happens is that it is supposed to have a high reward (if you don't get caught). And I think especially in things like store robberies and meth that is not the case. For example; if someone get caught cooking meth(which has a low reward compared many legal jobs) they have a high chance of losing that van. It is not always up to the officer wether or not they take vehicle either so why should anyone cook meth rather than make weed. It is just things like this that I don't understand. I understand the high risk, I understand RP first, I AGREE with both of those statements. I am simply trying to say that it makes sense for there to be a higher reward. People who RP as police seem to forget that if there were no crime there would be no cop RP.
  5. Welcome to the city of Los Santos Mike and I hope that you enjoy it here!
  6. Love this idea. ten out of ten! I don't think it is necessary to have the clothing part though I don think that it would be awesome to have.
  7. I agree that there should be risks, and I agree that there being risks makes sense. The problem that you are failing to see here is that when illegal jobs become too difficult and the only RP in it is getting caught and loosing money, then why should anyone do it. Yes, people should be criminals for the RP, however, on an economy based server you have to make money. I agree that people should put more RP into encounters when they get caught. The problem is that there is often a lack of RP from the police side. As a police officer I due my best to treat every suspect with respect but, not all police do. When that happens it can be really miserable for the person getting caught and in that scenario they do just want to get it over with. Also people are only allowed to get a lawyer if they commit a felony, therefor in most incidents involving drug busts no lawyers are involved. If a person gets caught selling coke and the officer cuts their fines in half they are still going to be fined around $6,500. If this does happen the person also loses all of the drugs they are selling, so if they have 20 cocaine then they lose around 20k in total PLUS any dirty money they have. I have never clocked on PD and had less money when I clocked off, I have lost a lot of money over a robbery or drug bust on civ. Even losing money I do enjoy RP'ing as a criminal but it is really hard to RP only as a criminal which is why I don't. I don't think not having enough felony evasions is the problem, what I think is the problem is how officers handle those situations. Most of the time the person does end up being caught and as you said, the police vehicles are far superior. The problem is that when the person gets caught they are looking at prison time (almost all of the time even with a lawyer) which means that they lose any weapons (which usually costs people at least 10k). If someone robs a store and then flees in a vehicle they are looking at pretty serious fines and some jail time. It is really hard for a lawyer to RP that all of the way down to a pardon. This means the person will probably lost some money, have their car impounded, lose their weapons, and spend around 10 minutes in the prison where a lot of people end up being relatively stranded (the bikes really aren't that fast). This can be really hard for someone who is new to the server and also very discouraging. In summary, I agree that RP should be valued over money 100%, however, money is required to purchase a lot of the things needed for the RP which means the only RP'ing and not making money doesn't work for criminals like it does for cops. I love doing RP as a cop, as a Paramedic, and as a civilian but, I do think that some things could be improved. I would also like to say that the ticketing guide isn't the problem, the problem is the low reward and the insane risk in some situations.
  8. Welcome to the city Woozy! I'm sure I'll see you around some time.
  9. I think the trucks are fine as is. It is really hard to stop a fleeing semi IRL but it can be done. Spike strips do work on them and yes they can go up to 120 but all of the police cars can go faster than that. All you have to do is follow them until they crash out or run out of gas. Yes, the rucks are hard to stop but they should be. I also think that this is what drivers license seizing is for. I personally am far more likely to seize a drivers license if someone runs in a semi. It would make sense if there were a CDL license that could be permanently seized like with a towing license. If it really is a problem I think that this would be a better fix.
  10. I really do like this suggestion. I feel like it could create a little more character for the inmates as well since some people get let out early on good behavior so that could be part of your character. I wouldn't expect the jobs to be fun but a reward like reduced time Coach said would be great. Also I get that prison isn't supposed to be fun but let's not forget this is a game, so I don't see the harm in at least making it interesting.
  11. As someone who RP's doing EMS, police, illegal activities, and legal activities I couldn't agree more. I enjoy making drugs and all but right now it simply isn't worth it. Not saying that all o care about is the money, I'm just saying that it is impossible to play the game if you are only ever losing money.
  12. Welcome to the city, and I hope I get a chance to meet you!
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