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  1. I agree completely on this. I think that the problem is that in the status quo people seem to see their jobs like objectives and not opportunities. I have had people tell me how they would call EMS in an incident similar to what you are suggesting luna and the EMT feel like it was a waste of their time since it wasn't actually someone downed. Now I'm not saying that every EMT is like this in fact many aren't but there is a reason as to why a lot of EMT's feel this way. The problem is that whenever someone is downed or has a friend who is downed they call and EMS and if the EMT's don't get there in time they get pissed off. I know re-spawning isn't fun but it is part of the game. I think that in order for this to be successful in the status quo civilians need to be less focused on always getting revived right away and being more focused on actually role-playing with the LSFD when given the change. Just my thoughts on the topic.
  2. There would of course be a limit to how much you could steal
  3. Like I said they would be able to go there and get your name.
  4. Well it wouldn't be for free since the more stuff you stole the more you would have to pay in fines
  5. That or the police could get a report of shoplifting and go and investigate to get your name. +1 on the idea overall if it works on this server
  6. Welcome to the city my man!
  7. Like r3v0Lt55 said if it says custom is usually has a lot of options. If you want an older sports car I would say the tornado custom.
  8. Like other people have said the reason it's not like peaches is because it is profitable and prevents people from going AFK. I have met a lot of people at the vineyard due to the system in place and had a lot of great interactions as a result. I see a lot of people hiring new people to pick grapes for them and then paying them as well as showing them how to make wine for their efforts. The system in place works well for me.
  9. I think that's what you meant
  10. Well welcome to the city, and I hope you enjoy it here!
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