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  1. Can not wait! Badlands would always be the best to me
  2. I’m Gonna Miss you too brother ? I’ll hit you up on discord when I get my pc back and tell you where I’m going next hopefully we can continue this man @Tex Wright
  3. I’m going to start off and say this , Badlands was the first city i’ve ever tried and the only one since I was into it much. I met tons of cool ass people and got close to many, I had some good ass times on this server. I wish I ended up joining earlier I just never had a pc, it was all fun and laughs every time I was in the city. I want to say thanks to the LSPD for making everything so much more fun and making it a way better experience. Especially certain cops like Galante, Cleetus , Mullet Aka Ricky, Kevin Ross , chief , bill Brady, Sarah Morgan and last but not least my Boy Tex Wright. I’m going to miss the people in the city a lot , I wanted to make this because my pc fried out on me soon as this announcement about the server shutting down happend. I never got the chance to say goodbye to anyone, I’m getting my pc back soon so hopefully I’ll catch you guys in another city but till then just wanted to say thanks for everything I’ll never forget about this city and the people in it. goodbye y’all
  4. https://imgur.com/a/kEWUaQF might as well show who’s behind Daniel Jenkins ?
  5. I was just thinking about something and i'm not even sure if it's a good idea or not it's something that just popped up in my mind. I feel like criminals should be able to drive a cop instead of there being a security system installed. Let's just say you get in a chase with a officer and he's the only one on scene after your car breaks down from the chase. You end up pulling your gun out before he could now you got him hostage but your car is messed up, we should be able to maybe drive it away in situations like that. Another thing is I know you can still impersonate officers with the outfits, but imagine if you can even do it in a real cop car... also try figuring out a way for people not to abuse it.. let me know what you guys thinking, just a random thought.
  6. Welcome to the city brother, hope you enjoy your stay
  7. My name is Daniel Jenkins on Badlands and so far it's about the best server I've found so far. it's a really great server with a great community and I don't seem to have a problem with anything but one thing.. there's times where there is 64 people on and I die to a ''bug'' and have a lot of stuff on me and end up losing everything cause of bleeding out or something. This has happen tons of times and when it does it makes me not want to grind it out anymore after all the losses I took. I think if there was at least one EMS at all times it would almost be perfect, either that or just make it to where your friend or someone that helps can just bring you to the hospital.
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