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  1. To all those underground street racers I have cruised with over the past 6 months..the wicked tracks we created, the cops we lost around them, the mods we rocked and the car parks we sat in... i salute you all, it’s been a true pleasure. Special thanks to Leroy and the boys, and massive thanks to my crew Chris, Russel and Dakota on an awesome journey. Peace out boys, ride or die. Salute mi familia. Anyone else I met along the way, take care and thank you. Chow out!.
  2. Wasn’t a complaint by any means. Was simply stating an area in which we as a community can improve, which I feel to be an improvement to all of our RP. Part of my post was an example of an RP scenario which could be improved upon as we enter 2.0. Anyway, moving on.
  3. I think it just comes down to being more creative with the development of your character and acting in a more ‘realistic way’ and actually RPing and creating story lines, rather than 5 people standing around discussing how good the new series is that they are watching on Netflix. I think it’s important to remember we are all here to have fun and enjoy some good RP and actually get to know the characters in the city..not the person behind the screen. The main thing I would to see is people act more appropriately and go along with RP, hopefully this will be sorted in 2.0. I’ve seen so many people just straight up fail RP that it becomes really annoying. Granted some people are new to the city..but others are people who should know better really and have a good idea of RP and the basics of what it involves. I can think of 1 example off the top of my head which I found difficult to deal with afterwards and was rather frustrated. My buddy was being arrested up at sandy shores PD for disobeying a police order. I was watching from the highway and an officer took him into the station by himself. I pulled up outside the PD and snuck through the door, pulled my weapon on him and shouted something along the lines of ‘Throw your radio on the floor and don’t (censor) move’. The officer then calls over his radio that he is being taken hostage, while he has a gun pointed at his temple. Now..I was going to just shoot him but I was so annoyed by such a horrific fail RP of a scenario that I had been setting up for 10 minutes that I just ran out the door and drove off. Obviously we good of made quite a good scenario from that which I was excited about doing, but just felt rather deflated afterwards. My point here is that we can have all the best and most exciting tools at our disposal but it is up to us as the residents of the city to put far more effort into RP at every scenario and making RP a fun and realistic experience for everyone involved. Like I say I think 2.0 will be an improvement in the quality of RP we get and I am highly looking forward to it. Driving off a bridge at 165 mph and recking into the front of a store and then driving off shouting ‘woohoo’ will hopefully be a thing of the past (maybe!).
  4. Lol you know what...I really like the idea of a poncho or an umbrella, sick of my beanie getting soaked through!
  5. I think they are done really interesting ideas and I like the computer hacker type of role. I totally agree that dirty money needs an overhaul and needs to be of some use. I expect it will in 2.0
  6. @SerpicoI dm’d you on discord, recently rolled a NE rogue
  7. If you get rejected the locals might not take to kindly to it.
  8. Welcome to the city, nicely put together message!.
  9. These type of people have been around since the dawn of the internet, they clearly dont have anything better to do.
  10. Welcome, hope to see you around.
  11. Really nice idea but not sure of the finer details of collecting payments as discussed above. Cool idea though. I kinda like the idea of having a car on finance you pay daily or something..and if you don’t pay the car gets repossessed. Again though not sure how it would work with collecting the money through the current banking system.
  12. I think 64 is enough, personally I’ve really enjoyed the jump to 64 players. Granted there are some performance issues and bugs and such but it’s alpha stage after all. I think 64 is about right.
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