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  1. Hmmmmm Badlands 2.0 FINALLY here we come!;) @Daniel Jenkins Get ready brother, we back!
  2. @speed i want to thank you and @Serpico for taking the time and consideration to even read/reply to my post addressing the concerns and frustration! It truly shows how much time and dedication you have to this community, with also how much you care for the people in the community. I want to thank you for bringing the vote to the community as a whole regarding giving out the code to the city! Thank you for everything brother and I can’t wait to here what y’alls a final decision after the polling closes to find out the fate of our beautiful community we all helped build! To everyone else! If you haven’t already GO VOTE!!! http://www.strawpoll.me/18898441/r
  3. Ok so to start this discussion out, I’m am extremely confused and to be honest extremely upset! Along with many people within this MASSIVE community, I have to say that the server being shut down out of such sudden notice brings a disappointment to my heart! I hate to see such an incredible community go to complete waste because the ones who run it just decide that they don’t have the motivation or determination to continue on. While i can see why it could be exhausting to stay focused over such a long period of time and continue to support the server. What i don’t understand is why we can’t band together as one community to continue supporting this server! Throughout this massive server, i know there are a lot of passionate leaders and developers who would love to continue this project moving forward! I personally have spent many long hours and even days trying to build a reputation in this community and I know everyone can say the same thing, which is what makes badlands so amazing! If you are tired of the continued upkeep and development I beg you to hand off the leadership to some dedicated individuals of this community! I would hate to see everything we have all worked so hard for, go to a complete waste after the extreme hype of 2.0 and everything! @speed To everyone who is reading this, please share your love below to try and save this amazing community for being destroyed!!
  4. I see where this could be a good addition but you also have to think unless it was in 500K range like speed bombs, there would be no reason for someone not to put that on their car. It would then become abused and the RP of stealing someone’s car in general would go away because everyone knows that the car is just going to get disabled right after your happen to drive away with it. If there was a way to balance it out then i would definitely see the added benefit to police chases as Daniel was trying to present above! That’s just my opinion in the matter though.
  5. I could see this providing some extremely new and refreshing RP to the robbery scenarios on both sides of the law. Providing now PD has to find a way to negotiate the hostage away from the criminal. But also provides an interesting and new way to escape from the robbery!
  6. Yea fair point, just sometimes you get downed due a faulty game mechanic or situation that you couldn’t control. Even like people able to carry your buddy to the hospital could possibly be an interesting implementation. I see where you are coming from though
  7. I wanted to through this idea out there to @Serpicoand everyone in the department to see what everyone thinks to possibly implement in the upcoming 2.0. But I have had several occurrences where somebody gets knocked down for whatever reason and EMS is extremely backed up due to the volume of calls, which I know how crazy it can get. They end up dying/seeing the light due to EMS not being able to arrive on scene but what if there was a mechanic in the city where like say Paramedics or CP and above were able to call for a medical heli in extreme cases, like the CFR for PD, for a high price if the patient wants to pay it. 9 times out of 10 you usually are getting knocked out by your friend or someone you know. I personally think it would be a pretty useful option to explore in cases where PD can't help and EMS is backed up beyond our control. Let me know what everyone thinks.
  8. Lol lets be honest, hahah those tires on the Go-Cart course suck you in like a damn magnet. You graze one of those bad boys and you are already smokin! Looking forward to seeing what you got in store @Serpico. It already is a fun way to take your mind off things and just relax a little.
  9. I actually brought this up at one of the Q/A meetings, asking if there was a current way that EMTs and everyone could look at their "time sheet" but other than being a Senior EMS, or reaching out to one, there really isn't a way to know. I think this would be a great addition to the system, even if it comes in with 2.0.
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