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  1. Phantom Custom's engine is more inwards near the vehicle seats you. So if you repair from the door it will repair the phantom custom. It's a bit buggy like that.
  2. @Azvek Looks like burner phone is now missing from crafting, I guess it's been scrapped for the time being i presume?
  3. If you we're around when the VU Was run by Vito, Those event's you may have heard we're paid for but they weren't. Security, Was done freely and so was most of the DJ'ing for a couple of the events. It doesn't take money to run events, Or large sums to do it. DJ's make roughly 5,000 for 90 minutes of DJ'ing, Security roughly about the same. Sometimes more if shit happens. and LSPD/EMS is free. And if you want a bigger race, Time to acquire sponsors for it then. There's many who would sponsor a serious race. It's just time consuming to make sure nobody cheats said race.
  4. Iv run the numbers on what your proposing and my main focus was on your remarks about doubling the standard paychecks, Which i disagree with. The rest of your post doesn't make sense since races can be organized and run on a whim(without rewards), As they have been done by two groups as such. You may not have partaken but they do occur quite frequently. Fight club doesn't cost anything to host, It just requires significant time and effort to get it to happen without shutdown or charges. Aswell as collecting payment seems to be a major issue for people who do host fight nights.
  5. You say that about them right now, But what you don't know is they grinded for months to buy one or two car's and are done grinding, Let's talk the Sultan RS. 450,000 on an economy where you only make roughly sub 10,000$ per hour. You realize how much grinding they had to do to acquire that vehicle yes? You can see now why people either sit or just don't even fly in anymore with that thought in mind. Everyones grinded out and just chilling because they simply just can't, Or won't do it anymore. It's too time consuming. And with everyones jobs coming back in most places, We all don't have
  6. Honestly the economy doesn't need any further adjustments in its current stance. Infact i would go as far to say that Government jobs in the city need a decrease in pay due to how many jnr+ staff in both factions are sitting on literally 1-2 million or more on average. Which in this economy, Is worse than 1.0's economy where people never ran out of money ever. The present economy is just infinite right now for some people. However, This doesn't mean to say that the economy is okay or in a good spot. What needs to be done now is there NEEDS to be a job that outputs 20 to 30 grand wo
  7. Alright since i have time im going to continue my Turf discussion on how it'd operate. So to explore the points i had listed, And just a reminder of what they are: How do you determine the sizes of a turf, And how well would it be interpreted if explained. (Example: Train tracks, Does that cover the entire track? Other side of the street, The intersection etc) How would a turf be taken over. Why would this be needed? Imagine if Vago's had another Vago group come into town, Whole 10v10, Two different vago groups go to war over who the real vago's are. How would you determine wh
  8. Not gonna lie, It makes sense in skyrim for you to be able to lockpick every lock because everything is literally a padlock lock. Once you know one you know them all. And then the shape doors and the special keys you don't know because its not a padlock. Fallout on the other hand, is taking to its point its in the future so no lock is ever the same in most cases. So you would need to learn more about the types of locks, and how to diagnose a lock and how to get into said lock. Now in the world of GTA and which is inspired by reality. Most car thefts/jackings occur beca
  9. I don't believe that particular system needs to be altered at this time. An alteration like this to the drugs presently would too greatly impact the criminal side's difficult life and may shift the server way too much in a negative manner. I honestly feel that the system we have now for the drugs, Is good as it is now. However i do believe there should be more ways to dispose of drugs. *nudge nudge burner phonessss* I honestly haven't heard word about the progress on the burner phone system for awhile now. I am curious on what is actually going on with that, if there co
  10. So after trying to write this post for the 20th time and reforming my thoughts and opinions on it, This is my personal final verdict at this time. I do feel it's balanced, Under the right circumstances. Such as that being something like this: -Gangs on their own turf do not need to be concerned about "Gang Sizes" rules in the Gang's section of the server rules. -No Bringing Back Civilian Hostile RP Back To Turf ( to avoid power gaming between gang conflicts) -Yes you are permitted to bring LSPD Back to turf (Recommended to avoid due to potential warrants, Accessories to a c
  11. Something iv noticed about other cities tho that i personally have taken quite a liking too is, If your gang is typically known to run a "block" like lets say grove, And your 5, 10, 20 members deep at any given time on the block. Regardless of numbers, If someone engages your gang on the block, Or brings a situation back to the block, If PD (Or other gangs) Try anything on you on that turf, They have full (server) permission to respond accordingly. Obviously if LSPD feels confident they can apprehend the people, They can, Or even place warrants if they an ID people correctly. But point being t
  12. +1 Give it to aluminum, Like 2 Aluminum = 1 Lockpick. Also could someone look at lowering the weight of a lockpick? 0.5 For a lockpick is heavy. I think trunks should be able to be accessed by all and only when the vehicle isn't locked/Driven by someone. Aswell they should only be able to be entered from the rear(Trunk) and not just nearby the vehicle. It's weird watching someone store wine in a mule from the left or right side of the vehicle. Rest +1
  13. My reasoning for having umbrella's colour changed from blue to black: It just feels wrong to go to a funeral and you pull out an umbrella because its raining and ITS BLUE. Everybody in tux's and holding BLUE umbrella's to a mourning session for lost loved one. So with that said, could we please have umbrella's changed to black?
  14. The police uniform set up is relatively consistent, The higher ranks tend to be more out of place but generally speaking you can tell an officer is an officer, Primarily by the badges they wear. The issue your having is it sounds like you have a lot of stuff in your cache conflicting with the server. So id recommend you clear your cache and join the server, And if you intend to play on other servers, Id recommend clearing your cache each time you intend to play on other servers. To clear your cache is simple. First right click your FiveM Icon on your desktop, Click "Open File Lo
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