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  1. ill DM you. Those look cool but they shut down pursuit so easily because it just instantly grabs on and knocks people down which is lame. And they can latch on from almost 10ft away its insane.
  2. Iv tackled so much i don't even need to touch the person to tackle them. It's honestly very, very laggy. Like, Its hard to describe as its different for various people depending on internet connection but over-all tackling can be consistent enough, However the "connect" visually is very poor to say the least. Anyways, Tackling can already be abused, Little known fact about it, It takes 3 people to successfully and permanently apply a permanent tackle to a person. By Permanent tackle i mean, If you tackle, Get up, Someone else tackles the target, they get up, Someone tackles that person again, By the time they get up you are ready to tackle them again. Effectively keeping them in one relative place. Also, You can give people spinal injuries with tackling if you know how to power tackle, Not super tackle, Just how to apply injuries with it. Not gonna go into how to do that one but really tackling is very strong as it is. So i personally feel it should stay as is. tl;dr: Its easy to abuse, Keep tackle as is due to the current abuses it suffer's from already.
  3. i didn't have much success getting that job to work in 1.0, idk if i was using the wrong plane or what, i couldn't get it to work. I don't recall seeing it at the military base in 2.0 tho.
  4. If it was possible to gag(Or limit voice range) on someone, Id agree with you richie, But people just being annoying, screaming, or just revealing locations to whoevers close or even using there radio to notify people of active LSPD's positions on someone trying to break them out is a big deal. Information is key in a lot of cases.
  5. Which has had the opposite effect honestly. It's just lead people to grinding turbines or whichever job there doing and listening to music not texting or talking. One of the old perks about gold was stealing the gold from people if you we're down to give the gold miners a hard time. Watch, Wait until they leave and follow.
  6. From what i recall in the past work, Golf "works" in big quotes here, It's just when others get involved does it become.... Funky.
  7. Honestly theres several changes/additions that have been omitted from the server changes category aswell as patches to things or changes to jobs. I don't really think omitting a new interior from the changelog will help much because of how much this community talks when something is found. Example case, In 1.0, The secret island in the north-east, Someone just decided to follow the lights out to sea and found it, Then the entire city for the following week went over there to check it out.
  8. Yeah you should definitely have access to the helipad on the roof, Not so sure about the parachutes tho. But definitely add business exclusive doorway.
  9. Shift is used to accelerate higher than your limit for bikes, This would conflict bindings wise. Maybe B or something
  10. I agree that the sound and honestly notifications from texts should disable while cuffed, jailed, or in prison, Because "you don't have your phone". Currently when downed you can't receive phone calls, It immediately hangs up. Can receive texts but not read them tho.
  11. -1 Looking at other cities that have gang limits have high tension gangs that lead to mass OOC drama that leads to people leaving. Infact there's a wave of people going around right now because this very thing just happened where 7 people max was the limit to a gang, And the gang beef got so extreme and out of hand because each person had to be cut-throat enough to survive and hold there spot in the gang. Also it would force me and my friends from having any fun in this city, We don't care for cash at all. We spend hours in the city just messing around having fun, singing, falling off things, base jumping or trying to and interacting with people. If you prohibited our group from forming with a small number such as 4, We wouldn't be able to do things like some motor-cross: Or running a car wash: Or hang-over relaxing together in a big body pile Also the way the economy is set up, Is to encourage you to group work or atleast talk to someone to make money. You literally can't do things like deliveries without losing money due to the prices of repairs and gas. Unless your some god tier driver that never has car's not fall on you while going down the highway as seen here: https://gfycat.com/honoredforcefulcommabutterfly ^Also has sound btw. All n all, Im against any kind of group limitations outside what is set already. And its not popularity or because we have some streamer, It's we've found people that fit our MO, Have fun. Also, If you want rivalries, You need to set them up. Not every group wants beef, Not every group wants a rival, Some people just want to do there own thing. And if we have too many groups that get out of hand(Which lately it has been), The city turns into the toxic gun shit show it was a few weeks back. I don't believe anyone wants that to return where we had 40 people sitting at MRPD because there not wanting to get gunned down or accidentally ran over. If your concerned about groups making too much money, 2 people can together make $108,000 in exactly 100 minutes. (1 hour 40 minutes), You can make 1,000,000 in 15 hours and 24 minutes of work. Now these numbers are skewed as they lack travel times, gathering of supplies and so on, But that's the numbers in a raw and theoretical form, Not in actual practice. On average most people can only manage to make $162,000 in 2 hours 30 minutes. And limiting the economy any further will cripple the city, Literally. The economy seriously needs a buff in a lot of area's such as trucking needs a bump from 105$ a mile to 150$ a mile in my opinion. Repairs and repair kits and the gas ontop of it all is way to expensive to run a truck seriously. Deliveries could all do with an added 10$ minimal to it and so on. Diving is just waaaaaaay to risky to warrant any point to going anywhere near those sharks. You can't swim if you get a leg injury, You just drop. And bleeding is so strong... Potential 10k, high chance to die, not worth the time or risk. tldr: Don't prohibit people from socializing in groups, It's already prohibitive enough as a legal civilian to do anything, This would restrict random spur of the moment events, fun times for crews who have established themselves in big numbers already and just ruin a lot of good that a lot of us have found in this already prohibitive environment. I already have to pay close attention to faint sirens and my speedometer as an off duty officer, Don't be adding "im only allowed 3 friends" to this list.
  12. Id be down for more fog but not thunderstorms, Those should only happen on occasion.
  13. You can only have 2 cars of the same type out at a time. And abuse of the feature will have it removed. It's like that so when we lose our vehicles when we get out of them, We can pull it back out again. And iv hardly had any issue finding mechanics, sure theres a few dead times here n there but elgin and flywheels have a 75% chance to find a mechanic sitting at it.
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