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  1. im guessing just find a lawyer ingame basically?
  2. Hello will someone post a link to the forum where i ask for the government to compensate me for taking my two guns
  3. can we get some opinions from people that are not cops.
  4. not sure if that is sarcasim but yea its something to look at. This post was intended just to bring it to attention not to rant. Thank you.
  5. I agree to that but 40 k seems to be to high for the small about of reward you get.
  6. So this post is just to state that I think it is unfair to make you re buy the whole vehicle when the police seize your vehicle. Basically the journey van is what im talking about. I just don't think the economy is stable enough to make you have to play 5 hours just to be able to buy the journey van. I can see paying 20 grand or half of what the vehicle would be but making you pay for the whole vehicle doesn't seem appropriate. Tell me if im being reasonable or if im just mad i got caught on my first meth run by the cops using the informant.
  7. Hey guys im curious if the server is going to reset your money and cars again once beta is over?
  8. Go fill out an app man and get inline. Ive been waiting for my app to get approved after needing to revise it, and that was like 8 days ago.
  9. great idea. it could open up a whole illegal gaming industry for the crime families.
  10. are we supposed to install overwolf also?
  11. yall im so fucking hyped for badlands to come back. Ive been checking discord and forums everyday to see if there has been any announcements or any information. Thank you @Serpico for bring five m back. Im always trying to help and push this community. Once again thank you for making this possible.
  12. Im just wondering if there is a certain day my application will be reviewed. I understand your busy and all just curious. thank you.
  13. When will the whitelisting applications be processed?
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