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  1. Hey guys im curious if the server is going to reset your money and cars again once beta is over?
  2. Go fill out an app man and get inline. Ive been waiting for my app to get approved after needing to revise it, and that was like 8 days ago.
  3. great idea. it could open up a whole illegal gaming industry for the crime families.
  4. are we supposed to install overwolf also?
  5. yall im so fucking hyped for badlands to come back. Ive been checking discord and forums everyday to see if there has been any announcements or any information. Thank you @Serpico for bring five m back. Im always trying to help and push this community. Once again thank you for making this possible.
  6. Im just wondering if there is a certain day my application will be reviewed. I understand your busy and all just curious. thank you.
  7. When will the whitelisting applications be processed?
  8. Hello, I have a small idea. What if you could buy stuff from your phone. Like ebay. People would be able to post stuff they have for sale just for a period of time. or it could be like a craigslist type thing. You could post about info you have that you could sell to the police and also find some illegal products in bulk if you were to want to go that way. It could benefit both police and criminals?
  9. When is this update going to take place, and how do you know? also how will it work? can you use the guns or do you mean you will just go to a gun store, and buy a buncha guns and than go sell them. Somewhat like being a delivery man or woman? but guns instead of food and drink?
  10. I agree about the harsher penaltys at 2/6. Multiple times I have been shot and downed and the police don't really do anything because the guy already ran away. Maybe a system where they can get alerts about speeding cars after someone was shot so they can at least chase after people
  11. this actually helped me a lot, thank you.
  12. Hello Arthur here, Im just here to ask the community of criminals in badlands how it feels to live a life and what things could be switched in order to create a more balanced city. That goes for police also. For the police on the server what is something that can be switched to make the city more balanced with criminals and police always happy. I play towrds more of the criminal aspect but at the same time I wouldn't say Im a bad citizen. Does the city need more drug smugglers or does the city need more scuba divers? I have read a post awhile back about how over powered scuba diving is right now. I agree with it and think there should also be a crimanl aspect to scuba diving that also has some high risk high reward to it also. I cant wait to hear back ideas
  13. Hi, I think there should be a way to suggest events that can be held. maybe like a suggestion box for specific events that people would like to see? maybe like government controlled race day? like a tournament or something? Also I would like to see dirty money either not be a thing at all or make it able to be cleaned in another way versus the way it has been for a bit. Im saying maybe make a spot that cleans it a lot quicker and also make it a bigger risk than a gunfight? like you can get a car taken for comp or its a much bigger ticket? I cant wait to get back to work in county 3. -Arthur woods, peach gang leader
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