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  1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-2004-add-on-tuning
  2. I'm not sure if someone already posted this topic but having a PayPal like system with transaction logs would be really good in the city. For some civ jobs that are created by players like loan officers or mortgage lenders. Being able to track the payments so they can document it for later use like in a court case. We also have some business in the city that offers to deliver goods in person. With this system we can pay online and receive the package in person or when the mailboxes are implemented it goes straight to their house. Now this creates a different type of market that can possibly e
  3. Thoughts on this its Y map tho, I believe we do MLO's but it would be really cool to have this for the duration of December. What do you guys think? https://forum.cfx.re/t/xmas-legion-park-for-your-server-fivem/882090
  4. I have not tried this yet but theoretically you can do a sit chair emote and have LSFD escort you and push you around. Unfortunately only LSFD and LSPD have that mechanic.
  5. I think performance upgrades are available. You can upgrade your cars including super cars. Unless that's only available to custom shop ran by the dealership.
  6. Without saying much and giving you OOC information. A lot has changed there's business that are run by players now. Keep an eye on Ads, ask around about how to get any job vehicles to start making money.
  7. Maybe instead of strength its stamina. Before that tho the mechanics of limited stamina has to be implemented. Similar to the aptitude for strength you need to up your stamina so you can sprint longer.
  8. +1 especially when it comes to the loan part. I want PD and DOJ to be involved when it comes to banking.
  9. Mosley already doing so much work when it comes to selling cars. Maybe give them whitelist where they can spawn in cars for test drive.
  10. Literally thought of this one many times. To balance it the Nitro bottles are going to be expensive and illegal. Second when you use it your car will breakdown slowly and drain the gasoline. The boost only last 3 seconds.
  11. Serpico actually has the script for Golf
  12. Might take awhile since those are Diamond Casino DLC cars
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