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  1. Not necessarily but fingerprints out of bullets casings are VERY rare, tell me you got my finger prints from the cases at Vangelicos I can understand more, maybe if you do a robbery with gloves on there is a 1/5 chance PD gets finger prints in the location and a 100% chance to get finger prints if they use no gloves. Maybe make it the same odds with guns, bullets. But bullets casings?? After being shot? That is a 1/10000 and more importantly leaves 0 options for crims to be incognito, there are other investigations PD can do to try and find out who they were. People rob the same things over and over and over everyday. Make the CD longer. Make it 3 hours. Lets see if that works and PD doesnt get bored and clock off. There are things that can be done, but it needs to be balanced for both parties. I have not been doing crime lately but every time I have done something in the past 5 times something happens where I just dont have fun. Maybe I should just limit myself to go to Elgin Mechanic and dance while I wait to repair a car. Thanks for sharing your thoughts bro.
  2. I agree with you 100% and I support RP for both sides, but you telling me that 300+ bullets casings were picked up analyzed in 5 minutes? And the great minds of PD put together the whole scenario and linked it to this one guy in 5 minutes? There is more behind it. And please lets never forget this is a videogame, and a videogame needs and has to be balanced so all parties have fun.
  3. An IA of what? I have no proof of how it was done, we took all the precautions we could and we still had warrants because of bullet casings. We dont know what happened nothing was explained to us. That is why we are here. And there is a court case coming as well because of RP stuff regarding this situation as well.
  4. Alright dont shoot, do the usual stuff and then hear PD complain about it. Copy that.
  5. I agree with you and im happy that you are taking your time to read this whole thing. I also believe that cops get the chance to catch the criminal in the spot, one of us got caught, why wasnt his ID checked? That would make more sense because they would realize he is part of 305, why not go back and try to find where the cars came from? Where they got stolen from? At what time? That is good RP Detective work not pick up 1 casing in the middle of 300 and automatically link 2 guys to the whole scenario. Yes this is based on 1 particular scenario because we spent hours getting everything ready to not have anything come back to 305 and it still did, its frustrating to not have any way out. its also been the first shootout we have had in a month or so, we dont do this often and when we do we try and do it the best we can. And we look at it from this perspective exactly because of it, we never do anything like this, when we do, we get warrants for a bullet case and we instantly think "that is not balanced" so we come here and we suggest to talk about it. That is all.
  6. We got away so yes, we kept the jewels. We are a gang, a family, im not going to let one of my members go to jail for 5 years if I see an opportunity to break him out. There was 5 cops and 4 of us, we wanted to try and get him out and so we did.
  7. So very short for you, we were all blacked out (no skin showing), stolen cars, voice changers, did a Vangelicos, got away, 2 guys were being chased by foot, came back, got into a shootout, won the shootout, got away, we all have warrants, 6 cops show up to grab Duke for the warrant. What is the counter play? None. That is pretty much what happened. Love you bro
  8. Alright. Good talk. I guess my boys need to focus more on having a win-win mentality and try hard more and forget the RP so they can get away, lol.
  9. Well well well, that was not the case lol.
  10. I agree that you guys need that other side of the RP but at least make it that it takes time to get finger prints?? It took 5 minutes for you guys to examine 300 casings? Find 1 partial fingerprint and pinned everything to him because of that? Once again, its a game, it has to be balanced, whats the point on wearing gloves and changing cars and etc etc, and realistically we should all be dead after a shootout lmao. Its a game it needs to be balanced, and im not afraid of speaking my mind and talking about the things I believe are broken.
  11. Exactly what we are going for here, its a videogame and it needs to be balanced, right now its not.
  12. Go here if you want some bullet casings action, have fun lol.
  13. With new mechanics and the win-win mentality I barely do any crime, the crew does, and alot of the time they get caught. I have spent alot of money on the things you mentioned, I also founded a car dealership and was the general manager for it, that is where my money comes from, I have bought a total of 3 cars since I became a full on criminal. Nothing against PD making money and buying whatever they want, the idea of that comment was to say that the point of this thread is not to compare PD/Crim money making capabilities. And BTW you make 12k in 3 hours as PD that is the same time it takes me to hit Vangelicos, the mats and items needed to hit it dont grow on trees.
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