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  1. Not sure why a sniper would automatically be needed - hostages are already a thing. The animation looks cool until the actual execution part... However, I don't see a way this could be put in unless there were some limitations first. For starters, a timer of how long this animation lasts before you have to re-initiate it. OR: A cooldown timer, cannot be spammed. Different from other animations, maybe only usable while in a store you can rob mechanic-wise. OR: An F1/F2 accept/denial where player consents so people at Elgin mechanic can't spam it on randoms. Don't know which way to go about it, but tbh this is a lot of work surrounding 1 animation. It's a bit of a deterrent.
  2. Themes and locations will be announced in game closer to time of event!
  3. I feel like that would be more Day of the Dead, no? Either way, it's an interesting idea.
  4. Just not going to happen. Devs did a lot of work to make it possible for the areas we do have taser tag to be "unrestricted" and allow civs to pick up a taser. Normally civilians cannot.
  5. Sometimes admins host taser tag events in the big arena. Have had over 30 people show up to them in a few. They're great. But it breaks immersion to too many and event servers are not easy to have open without days in advance notice. The rest of your suggestions are likely not going to change.
  6. If this is the way it was actually being used, sure. I have a character myself that is an actress and talks all the time about being in films, etc. I also am streaming usually during those times, however, I get an entire camera crew, I have actual roleplay surrounding this storyline. As I said before, I personally have never seen anyone else use the comments of "bodycam" or however else you want to refer to it as anything other than a mention of their OOC stream. It's not used the way you're suggesting, but the way you are is the only place I see it being viable.
  7. I'd much rather see local chat go back to something similar to what it was before. This is beneficial to having messages not disappear, and being able to relay something to a group of people. There is currently nothing different between local chat and /me. There's no reason to have both, but there's definitely reason to have a local chat. Also, there's many reasons on the admin level where this is useful, js!
  8. Another suggestion: Streamers who are actively live streaming BL should not be somehow making other civilians aware of this fact in any way! It's immersion-breaking, imo, and it's 9/10 brought up for the wrong reasons.
  9. Yeah but the issue is you're bringing up 1 side of a story that all officers here are reading and shaking their heads, since you are making comments about something you don't understand. I want to stay on topic, and if your suggestion is to be more realistic with roleplay, then let's talk about that in ways we can definitely adjust, rather than open a discussion about police SOP's. An example of being better about realistic roleplay, to me, is to actually value your life. Think about if you had a gun pointed to you in real life, and how that'd make you feel, or really get into the mindset behind your character and how they'd react. Additionally, this goes the other way as well. No one would just bear arms over something so petty as hitting on another man's wife. Quite frankly it's the easy way out of reacting to an RP scenario brought to you. Too many delicate egos, and I think it shuts down opportunities for roleplay rather than open them. I'd much rather see a fist fight.
  10. All of that is changing in 2.0. Cop characters found doing illegal shit off duty could get fired from their job. Basically, you need to make in character choices that are relative to the character's life.
  11. Crazy jumps that would realistically "kill" a player that doesn't, those are actionable. The offroading, hitting some blockades and damaging a vehicle should be on devs to fix.
  12. You're setting up an environment where people will scrutinize what is a rule break and isn't. It's also putting pressure on admins to make a judgment call about something that could easily be just configured on the development end. It is overcomplicating a system and mindset that could much easier be changed mechanically. A car offroading may not drive as well, and the devs can make that happen just as we have for motorcycles.
  13. This is less on the player and more on the devs to implement, imo. Last-minute decisions are made in pursuits like you're talking about, sometimes choices are made that are less than realistic, but the thing stopping these players should be the knowledge that their car will break if they do xyz, not that it's unrealistic.
  14. This is changing in 2.0 to be turned off and has to be toggled on, but likely will notify people that you've done so. I don't want to advocate for something we enforce like this. I think it just would take the community some training on how we want to reference to it instead. I personally like what some have said of, "Daydreaming". To be honest though, my point of referencing "in head" is not the comment of "in head", it's the explanation that comes afterwards. It's totally out of character. This should be reported, it is disruptive behavior. The disablement kit removes all those, the only "mechanic" available is discord, and they have strict SOP's to follow when this happens that means they cannot utilize their radio. However, I feel that this point is very offtopic to the intention behind my OP. This is very offtopic from the thread OP. We are talking about quality changes in how people behave, not about issues you have with the rules in place. They are in place for a reason and have had multiple discussions about why we've taken this route. It is your prerogative if you want to follow the memory aspect of it or not, however, don't complain when others remember something you don't. Let's keep things on topic though, please.
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