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  1. Isn't this kind of what a law office would do? Have a group of lawyers work together for the same office?
  2. If you had downed those individuals, it would have been RDM. You were not reprimanded, you were reminded. To clarify, the admins understand when someone is defending their life to a member who is clearly breaking rules. But that isn't what happened. That is why reminders of both RDM and gang hostility rules were brought up, so everyone understood within the area to keep it in mind, and make sure they didn't fall under either of those rule breaks. You inferred these reminders in a way that was not intended, I believe.
  3. I'd rather have the devs put their time into something new.
  4. EVENT TEAM PURPOSE: "Events Team" members ensure events that require help beyond average player abilities/RP run smoothly and are planned accordingly/within rules of server. Responsibilities of Event Team member: 1 event a month at least (whether it's help coordinate or run yourself) Assign on calendar appropriately Work with members of the community about their events If helping coordinate an event, find out difference between RP event or admin-sanctioned event - if the latter, get admin involvement for further planning/coordination Difference between RP events and Admin events: Anything that requires more than what a regular player is capable of doing or able to provide is an admin event. A few examples would be: needing certain cars spawned, needing mass ressurrection, needing teleports to get to locations, etc. This role is specifically to support the staff team in events that our community desires or benefits from. It's not intended to be taken as a server promotion or position above regular players. It is simply a community role! If you have interest in becoming an Events Team member, please message me on forums/discord to discuss!
  5. I RP going there with my friends/family for fun just as I would in real life go to an arcade or the boardwalk and play games/play laser tag... Maybe it's not your cup of tea but it doesn't mean it's not RP.
  6. In real life a person would be able to remove the blindfold. In this situation, if the hostage/kidnapped person tried to remove it (it would be an animation obviously) then they'd not be valuing their life (if the demand is made)... I don't understand the disconnect here. It's not pure black screen, it's just to hinder one of the senses, and could make a kidnapping more realistic. However, the use of it in a kidnapping is only one of many I foresee. People are creative.
  7. Kidnapping someone, using them as a hostage, wanting to take your bf/gf on a date and want to surprise them... Put the blindfold on. I can see a multitude of RP reasons and uses.
  8. Serena

    Date Auction

  9. Car shows don't really need admin involvement, you can host it anytime and anywhere on your own dime and RP. If you want it to be a planned event, you can message me with whatever details you want to include and I can put it on the calendar. Edit: also, any staff team is appropriate to DM for something like this, not just me.
  10. Not sure if that's possible, @Serpico would have to definitively answer, but the arena itself is part of the GTA map, and only the enclosing where you clock in was provided by our devs. Perhaps we could instead disable the hostile AI in that area. I never really see anyone going down there to engage with them anyway, not like we see up in Sandy or even at the MC. Like I said, the location of tazer tag is one that's already in GTA5, nothing was created outside of the clock-in spot. The big arena is used for admin-run events, which I do often.
  11. It would have to be dark enough to be a hindrance, but enough that's realistic if you were told to turn left, right, walk forward, you have a decent idea of where to move, since they can't actually be pulled along. I don't see restraints ever being brought in place for civilians, so this is the only alternative way I could see us getting blindfolds.
  12. I've got a feeling this was brought up before but I am struggling to use the search function properly *ahem* I think this would be potentially really simple to implement? 1. Purchasable from Black Market (Or UTool? Call it something related to cloth?) 2. Can use on individual closest to you, takes ___ amount of time to actually apply (so people don't just use it to troll) 3. Doesn't completely make your screen black, but severely cripples vision by how dark it is. Can be removed by player but takes ___ amount of time so they don't try to abuse the purpose of being blindfolded.
  13. I see issue with making it a zone where you can't die, it would definitely be exploited in some way we aren't even thinking of yet. I am glad so many use the tazer tag arena, I saw how much fun people had in the events and with the help of @speed @Serpico and @Bob Dangle it was able to happen for the public. However, I think we're seeing a lot of people use it right now because it's new, I think that will dwindle down and the deaths at the public arena will lessen. We'll continue to monitor it regardless.
  14. I host tazer tag events often, I know how it goes. It's largely because people aren't being careful, and I don't think that lesson is going to be learned until they face the consequence of going down when there is no EMS to help. Granted, the argument could be made that it's a small arena with a lot of people and it can get hectic. So, it's both, but I can guarantee you that people are not being as careful as they should be. Even though it's a minigame, it doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise some caution.
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