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  1. Why do you have to link that one omg I sound so STUPID
  2. I feel like I started to focus more on RP after I obtained the things I wanted. The wedding ring when my character first got married, the apartment so we had a place to live, that first awesome car I wanted. RP happened throughout the goals I set for my character, but I didn't come into the server at the beginning knowing what I wanted or even how "RP" interacted with this game. I think that's the same for a lot of people, and the natural thing to do is to find a job or activity to partake in that you feel is most valuable for your time. Not necessarily what is most path-paving for your character (like I said, I didn't even know what my character was like yet). After that's found, the other things happen organically. Running that red light, going a little too fast, and getting caught by police while trying to deliver some peaches. Getting robbed of the few $1000 bucks I had in pockets, these are all things happened while learning about the server. Genuinely finding a path for my character happened later, once I got a footing in how to play this "game". I realized the money aspect was just supplemental to what the RP could bring, and began to use them as tools rather than caring about their monetary value. I think there's a hard lesson learned when we talk about putting RP before grinding, etc. It's not a simple answer, and the only way it really can happen is by putting value on things that aren't reliant on money. But rather, reliant on player interaction. Perhaps the high risk, high reward of bank robberies or some new drug that is only obtainable in a certain way that requires person-to-person interaction would be a sort-of solution. I don't have the time to suggest a lot of things, but just food for thought.
  3. Chop shop is already in dev, it just has some finalizing before it will be implemented.
  4. I like the give and take and different viewpoints being brought up, but I personally would appreciate it if it was done in a more conductive way rather than calling a generalized group of people as "cocksuckers" or directly trying to accuse a faction of being salty, powergaming, metagaming, w.e There's a respectful way to get your point across without being a dick.
  5. Serena

    Ladies Night in City 1

  6. Topic been brought up and discussed multiple times. Also should be in the feedback and suggestions section. Locking.
  7. So based off some quick googling, a taser's range is about ~15ft and has a delay on "rounds". A beanbag shotgun is instantaneous with no delay on rounds and can reach up to ~250-300ft. If PD is given a long-range LTL option then there needs to be a balance to crim tools as well. I like the LTL option, but it sounds a bit OP to me without the "other side" given something in return. Not sure what that should be, perhaps access to shotguns as a whole from ammunation at a higher cost than most weapons. But I'm not too keen on seeing everyone brandishing a shotgun on their back (perhaps the "weapon racking" that PD has on vehicles could be given to civilians that only work with the shotgun and only in the player's vehicles).
  8. She has been gone for a while and I've had time to increase my closet size....
  9. The ability to blackout already exists.
  10. It would be nice to just delete the ones that aren't used or are broken rather than having whole closet removed... +1 @speed I may not have largest closet anymore!!
  11. The bike won't be able to be picked up if it's locked by the owner. Basically, what speed is saying is it's fair game. An NPC motorcyclist being knocked over and bike stolen is not, and that is an exploit.
  12. Multiple topics on this already. Please research and find those instead of making another.
  13. I think it would be interesting if when selling drugs that there is a % chance the local will actually try to steal the product from you. Would have to chase them down and kill in order to loot the body to get it back. Perhaps on the chance that the local does steal, these particular calls don't alert police because the fight calls will happen instead.
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