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  1. never thought i would have so much fun on a rp gta sever like i have had with badlands u guys have been so much fun to play with meet so many good ppl on here and kinda gives me hope for badlands but as of right now i got to move on to something els never will forget all the fun times and sure ill be back around agen but for now im takeing off thank u every one for all the good time i rlly do mean that badlands will for ever be my home be safe out there every one!
  2. so happy to see this and glad they let off on the fine and time! some times when the rp is there yah got to take it and shouldent be held so harsh for every one haveing a good time!
  3. well ill be a son of a bitch its about damn time! cant wait to see yall back on its been to long thanks for the help bud!
  4. big hawk here hurd a little bird tell me there comeing back with badlands is this true!!!
  5. just been reading all this bc the suver is now dead and BIG hawk must say out of any thing old boy saying its not the shit we lost its the ppl that make it great is the biggest lost i have to say siting in a empty city with no one to bullshit with has to be the worst thing hawk has ever seen
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