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  1. Neat idea, but honestly when I go to the gym irl (and just p much like everyone else) everyone just ignores each other anyway. And just as in IRL you just go from each machine doing your reps until you get tired and go to another. I guess you don't really just bounce back and forward between pullups and curls or whatever, but all of this seems like a lot of work to fix a system that really isn't that bad. (imo)
  2. I do like the idea of this, but in regular police protocol often people taken into custody are handcuffed to benches or whatnot. I get what you're saying but I see jailing as just a... rp way of doing it.
  3. Vega


    https://badlandsrp.com/forum/40-recruitment-los-santos-police-department/ There ya go.
  4. Welcome, Bonnie We hope you enjoy your stay here in the city.
  5. I see the plus sides of this plus the downsides. 2.0 would usher in a different type of city that I definitely think this would fit better into, but as of right now this would most likely be done at close to every traffic stop officers would perform. While I definitely understand where you come from as a criminal, I think it would bring more negatives than positives in the current state.
  6. This sounds like fun. Having people take the extra precaution seems like it would be pretty enjoyable. Kinda like HCIM if anyone knows what that is. ? I'm all for another character slot. I think there needs to be an extra one in place either way due to people having dedicated chars for police and EMS.
  7. The Schlagen GT! I know it's just another supercar suggestion but I'd really like to see it added at some point. High hopes!
  8. I agree with this. I believe illegal jobs should have the highest payout. A rework along these lines would be nice, and I know there are some changes coming to the robbery system in the future possibly. High hopes!
  9. A while back I came across a few people that were running the Burger Shot like an actual restaurant and it was a pretty good thing I think. The problem with this though is I feel it has very little incentive to actually do something like this because the food sold there isn't on par with current Goca Cola and Pizza. I feel like an actual fast food joint (or potentially other restaurants in the future) run by players should have a certain amount of incentive for other players to show up and buy their product other than just the RP value. Possibly allow businesses to rent out actual
  10. This sounds wonderful. I had though of posting somethin like this but ya beat me to it!
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