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  1. Thank you to everyone that has helped create this amazing community. Ya'll are some pretty great people. I could not have said better than speed. Grab some snacks and join us for the adventure for whats next in Badlands. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  2. Will review, but the "jailing" does do quite a bit more than just prevent you leaving the cell
  3. At some point i'll have a better go kart track
  4. You will need to come up with more to do. This is a AFK job and not something we want to add. Needs more interaction.
  5. I likely wont be dont this. Personally, I feel that OOC is abused. I encourage everyone to use /muteooc . This removes OOC chat and wont ruin your immersion. Come 2.0, people will be facing admin action if they continue to use OOC as a social platform.
  6. Requires scripthook. Not possible to use. If you find a non scripthook version we can look at it.
  7. Not compatible. Also, this has nothing to do with 2.0. Moving and locking.
  8. Swiched to Sulfuras server as queue times are rediculous
  9. For who will be joining the Badlands guild, send me a DM on discord so I can grant you access to the discord channels.
  10. Serpico

    Classic WoW Release

  11. Likely will be in their own shard. I'm honestly not worried.
  12. What will they do? Keep the server active and populated. Fully stocked auction house?
  13. After a series of confusions. We will be switching to PvP and rolling on Faerlina
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