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  1. We will be reviewing the format for the next podcast based on feedback. Enjoy this months.
  2. Serpico

    Patch 3.13

    Hotfix - Server 3 only The below changes are based on errors reported and suggestions solutions from FiveM and its contributors. This does not mean they are permanently removed. - Tattoo's disabled - Wheel mods (tires/rims/smoke) disabled and ls customs option removed
  3. I guess I don't understand. We dont have zip ties, so why could the person not take it off themselves. I'm trying to understand the use.
  4. Controls will likely be crap as we only cater to mouse and keyboard
  5. Serpico

    Patch 3.13

    Added - New Role - Certified First Responder: The CFR is a LSPD officer who is also a member of the LSFD, and is either a CPL+ or a Paramedic+. This is a voluntary role. See LSPD forums for more details. - Can sit in chairs inside Mission Row PD interrogation room - Logging and respawn zoom in animation (like GTA Online) - Killhouse to tasertag - Weapon teardown kit to markets. Allows you to dismantle the currently equipped weapon and remove ammo from weapons. These items can then be stored. You still require a firearm license to equip guns. - Can delete items from your closet - When PD/FD respond to a call (f1) you are added to responding list in dispatch Changed - Prevent crouching and surrender when in water - Added Illegal label to illegal items at the gun store - Moved trash and give to be lower on menu list - Tow truck job is removed from you when sent to prison - Vehicle disablement won't break engine, just prevent movement - Phone now using an external voice system. You can hear others that are near you. - /ad now costs $1000 to post - Air refuel for larger planes - Air vehicle exempt from the damage system - Extended length of twitter notifications Fixed - Various Taco Truck fixes - Allow weapon swap while immersion bars are active - Vehicle trunks and housing storage won't be locked out when your disconnect using it - Patriot stretch mod will now save - No more random underglow on vehicles. If you had it, you will need to rebuy. - Custom tires are persistent - Rims should be persistent - Races (better coordinate checking) - Should no longer fall through the map on login or tp into interiors - Strawberry hospital entry - Stuff Removed - Trains
  6. If you are referring to GTA radio. We can do it. But we can't sync what song is playing, only the station.
  7. This is a community event were you get the chance to ask question, bring topics to staff for discussion. Previous sessions can be found here. We will discuss what we are working on and what is to come down the road.
  8. Profile pics are disabled so that we don't have moderate them.
  9. Gonna pass on this. Our goal in dev is to increase player interactions, not AI interactions. Police have enough tools at their disposal to catch criminals.
  10. It will cost money. This is coming very soon. Yellow pages is a significant amount of time. Right not there are other priorities.
  11. Think this is a pass. Also, cross server calling/messaging won't be a thing for obvious reasons.
  12. Please don't take matters in your own hand. Report to the admins and let them boot them. Be the better RP'er.
  13. This sounds report worthy. I could imagine a very long vacation for those who do that.
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