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  1. This guide will help you get TokoVoip setup. This is required to play on our servers. To get started you need to download and install TeamSpeak (TS3) Download TS3 here -> https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ Install the application you just downloaded. More info about TS3 here -> https://teamspeak.com/en/support/get-started/ Download and install TokoVoip plugin TokoVoip pugin here -> http://badlandsrp.com/files/tokovoip_1_2_5.zip To install, unzip the above file. Ensure TS3 is closed first Double click on tokovoip_1_2_5.ts3_plugin How to check if TokoVoip is installed and enabled Ensure TS3 is open Click on Tools -> Options in the top menu bar Click on Addons in the column and look for TokoVoip. Ensure its enabled. The reload button will reload the plugin and can repair most issues Disable voice chat in game (GTAV)
  2. Will review. If there is no change, a warning will be added.
  3. Serpico

    Community Meeting

    Community Meeting will be hosted on discord.
  4. Hi Everyone, As many of you know, back in October we had decided to shut down our FiveM servers with plans to move over to RedM instead. There have been changed last month and we have decided to return to FiveM. Veterans should expect a re-release of the server with new functionality, removed restrictions and more of a focus on RP. New comers, come with your imagination and get ready to build new RP stories. The server is moving towards a more RP focus. I would not say we are going Hardcore RP, but more rather that we expect everyone RP all actions, create valuable, and fun experiences for all. The server is now open. We are in an open Beta stage and this is not the final product. Although this is beta, we expect everyone to follow the server rules. (https://badlandsrp.com/topic/7311-badlandsrp-20-server-rules/) Over the next weeks, we will be continuing changes and adding more features. In the coming days, we will update the changelog. There are going to be many new things you don't know how to do - however, this is not an invitation to spam OOC or General Help, we expect players to work together and discover some of these new features. Teamspeak ip: ts3.blrp.net:10005 Server ip: fivem.blrp.net To ensure access to the Badlands 2.0 server, you will need to have submitted a whitelist application https://badlandsrp.com/forum/117-whitelisting-application-instructions/
  5. Will review, but the "jailing" does do quite a bit more than just prevent you leaving the cell
  6. At some point i'll have a better go kart track
  7. You will need to come up with more to do. This is a AFK job and not something we want to add. Needs more interaction.
  8. I likely wont be dont this. Personally, I feel that OOC is abused. I encourage everyone to use /muteooc . This removes OOC chat and wont ruin your immersion. Come 2.0, people will be facing admin action if they continue to use OOC as a social platform.
  9. Requires scripthook. Not possible to use. If you find a non scripthook version we can look at it.
  10. Not compatible. Also, this has nothing to do with 2.0. Moving and locking.
  11. Swiched to Sulfuras server as queue times are rediculous
  12. For who will be joining the Badlands guild, send me a DM on discord so I can grant you access to the discord channels.
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