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  1. Not compatible. Also, this has nothing to do with 2.0. Moving and locking.
  2. Swiched to Sulfuras server as queue times are rediculous
  3. For who will be joining the Badlands guild, send me a DM on discord so I can grant you access to the discord channels.
  4. Serpico

    Classic WoW Release

  5. Likely will be in their own shard. I'm honestly not worried.
  6. What will they do? Keep the server active and populated. Fully stocked auction house?
  7. After a series of confusions. We will be switching to PvP and rolling on Faerlina
  8. Can't make everyone happy. Those who want to do PvP are free to create their own group outside of Badlands. Those who want to be a part of the Badlands guild, it will be a casual experience and a place to socialize with a common goal. Switched to PvP
  9. I don't think you guys know how chaotic PVP will be in phase 2. There are no BG until much much later (6months +). So only way to get honor is world PVP. Death squads will be everywhere. I think most of us are casual and this is not a recipe for good times.
  10. Hey what's up all you roleplayers. As you all should know (because everyone watches my streams right?) that World of Warcraft Classic is releasing on August 27. We will be running a community guild. The current plan is to select Alliance and run on Faerlina (PvP server). We have a guild name planned, but if you think you have something better, share it. Post below if you are interested in joining. Would like to get an idea on numbers. I plan on running a Human Paladin or Warrior with tank build.
  11. Most of this is already in 2.0
  12. Moved post to correct section as this in game suggestions and not following the intent of 2.0 suggestions forum.
  13. Moved to correct section.
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