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  1. I am indeed pretty tired. Damn school takes up so much time from my busy schedule. Thank you for bringing this to their attention, it means a lot! @r3v0Lt55
  2. It used to be like this way back when. I can't remember the reasoning behind the change to the current way it is, but either way I don't mind. As much as I'd like to just buy anything and everything with just my bank card, I feel like we should keep it as is for a bigger sense of, I don't want to say immersion because there's little to no immersion from buying things in stores, but immersion Lol. It's more of a responsibility to make sure you have enough cash to get whatever you desire at that time, and not just hey I'm gonna just buy this because my bank card allows me to do so whenever I please. Again, either way it goes it won't bother me. I personally would just leave it as is.
  3. Bret Prozekt

    LSFD Interviews

    If your LSFD application was approved then you may join the "Waiting Room EMS" during the interview time frame. Interviews typically take about 15 minutes. *All interview times are automatically adjusted to your timezone
  4. I'd have to agree with Flori on this one. Shitlords are Shitlords. Wherever they go, they bring their shitlordiness with them. Personally, I don't think the paychecks should increase. If anything I feel they should decrease, or just no paycheck at all. I took a two month break not to long ago, and NEW people already have top end Super Cars. Yes I understand majority of them probably grinded Wine like everyone else, however this just goes to show that we don't need more money for doing nothing but congregate with people and start shenanigans.. Instead it should entice them into doing Jobs together, or better yet not congregate in one spot. Legion is the way it is, because we've aloud it to become that way as a community.. Change has to start from within the community, not a government paycheck to decide where people stand.. Just my thoughts though.
  5. There's a bank right around the corner. This has been brought up in the past and it won't be added.
  6. There's a simple solution to that, don't overdose on drugs.
  7. 12 minutes after 2am EST restart, there's no queue right now. Now I know this isn't a normal thing, but it does prove that there wouldn't be a strong enough playerbase for the second server after this server restart. Just further proving that it would turn into a grinding server more than an RP server. Again, I know this isn't the usual queue. However I do feel that there wouldn't be more than 10-15 people in this queue on a weekend. Which just wouldn't make sense for a server to be open for it to be 1/3 of the server filled. Just my two cents.
  8. Wait, two EMS tags? Banana is pretty good.
  9. Bret Prozekt


    No. Talking is a requirement on the server. You can be a mime as long as you talk when needed.
  10. You can go to your pause menu and find the notification to see what the message says. For example, Taxi calls give the location of where the call came in. If they added a message, all you would have to do is find that mark on the map and click it to read the message on the right hand side of your screen.
  11. https://badlandsrp.com/forum/74-eligibility-applications/ here
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