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  1. Post a ban appeal here https://badlandsrp.com/support/create they are not automatically lifted.
  2. K why. Every big streamer is on Faerlina, we are gonna get fkn rolled m8.
  3. From what I've seen in NP streams, none of their cars seem to go over 150mph or if they do, not by much. Maybe I didn't take a good enough look but our speeds at the moment are higher than theirs. In NP's patch notes from 8 months ago they mentioned making all vehicles handling default stats. They've made some "balancing" changes to vehicles over the 8 months but nothing seems to indicate (at least from what I've seen) their speeds going beyond default or as high as ours. If you want to talk about acceleration I can't tell you what theirs has but maybe they're default and because some of our vehicles' acceleration has been reduced (for a number of reasons) it seems like theirs is much quicker. Sadly there's not just 1 value for "acceleration" in the handling file, there's several values that would go into effecting overall acceleration so it would require a good bit of testing if it were something we actually needed.
  4. So, as the title states, I was thinking a lot of you may prefer the default handling of GTA for all of the vehicles as opposed to custom handling. Feel free to post your thoughts as well. Emergency vehicles would most likely just be based of any default GTA emergency vehicles already in place. For example the CVPI would be using the default police vehicle handling and so on. Keep in mind that the fastest vehicle in GTA by default is the Vigilante at 150mph and that's if it's boosted. Thank you.
  5. Osk

    Hey hey

    There's no whitelisting for the server as of now bud unless your eligibility is denied when you try to join, in that case you would submit an app here https://badlandsrp.com/forum/71-eligibility-application-instructions/ otherwise you should be fine. Good luck out there friend.
  6. https://badlandsrp.com/support/create
  7. I don't see the problem.....................
  8. Why you always bringing everyone down...
  9. Like @George Cahill eluded to, creating interiors from scratch is very time consuming. If there was already one made for it out there then it'd be a lot easier to implement, I wouldn't expect it otherwise.
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