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  1. Why you always bringing everyone down...
  2. Like @George Cahill eluded to, creating interiors from scratch is very time consuming. If there was already one made for it out there then it'd be a lot easier to implement, I wouldn't expect it otherwise.
  3. Whenever we get to it is the most useful answer you're going to get.
  4. I've seen it on other servers, I kind of like the way it looks, feel like it's much more user friendly as well.
  5. I'll take a look at it, most likely not intended. I'm gonna nerf that goddamn thing into the ground, everyone can thank you.
  6. Unfortunately there's no way to take specifically less damage from AI when they run into you. Damage modifiers are a global settings that can be increased or decreased per vehicle. As someone previously stated, decreasing the damage taken isn't the right solution, tweaking the AI to stop a little shorter would probably be more feasible.
  7. I win every RP scenario, otherwise why bother ya know.
  8. These all look like shit.
  9. I've only used NV and I liked it, everyone has their personal preference though so you'll have to try them out for yourself, some people swear by MVGA but honestly they all do relatively the same thing.
  10. Most likely they are referring to the graphics mods for GTA, such as NaturalVision (NV), Make Visuals Great Again, etc, you can find guides on how to install them online, as well as here on our forums.
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