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  1. welcome salim! i hope you can bring your wife over soon and hope you enjoy your time here
  2. i'm aware, but my point is that tokovoip requires everyone to be in the same channel while in the server, whether you are on duty or not you are in the same channel (so this would make it hard for a bot to track when you are on duty) and instead use 'radios' to talk to seperate factions, e.g PD want to contact LSFD, they will change their radio frequency and vice versa ultimately, it's OOC knowledge that your SOP requires a minimum shift time, and you as a player are in charge of keeping track of that
  3. but BL dispatch will be moving off of discord and using tokovoip on TS instead for 2.0, so i think people should just be responsible in tracking their time spent on duty themselves
  4. your SOP’s are OOC knowledge so knowing you stay on for 1 hour is something that you as a player can set a stopwatch on your phone/pc for and go off of that i think this would be unnecessary code
  5. we used to be able to change our voice range while down, personally i prefer the set to whisper as there used to be so much audio clutter from people just chatting to eachother while downed
  6. welcome to the city Juno! hope you enjoy your time here
  7. "as i finish writing down my thoughts, Luis has a muscle spasm and punches me in the face" fun to read, thoroughly enjoyed it :]
  8. the game is not glitched, when it is close to the restart you should be aware that the 5-10~ minutes leading up to it might not completely "save". to avoid this, finish up what you are doing before that time-frame. i've had many times where i came back into the server stranded in the middle of nowhere because i was racing to get to a location i wanted to be at when i came back just before the reset happens, but there is no glitch
  9. i’m going to vote no as, if to add in custom clothing it replaces something that already exists, i feel like cat ears will be used by a much smaller group when compared to the other hat options available. that being said, there are quite a few military-esque hats i don’t see people using that could be the replacements maybe? i think if any replacement is going to be happening, it should be for an item that is more practical/everyday within RP and i don’t see cat ears as that
  10. welcome! hope to see you in the city more (im the one that gave you a ride from clothing store to salon haha)
  11. I might have misunderstood what you were saying to Chan, but my initial post was to suggest this become a standard procedure by LSFD and LSPD in 2.0, currently these are not expected procedures and I understand why. But the victim of the car crash in the scenario shouldn't be uncomfortable with these procedures I suggested taking place, and it would not matter if they don't want to engage with LSPD or LSFD but they still have to do their job. Yes this RP can still be done currently in BL, but what I was getting at is, it's not an expected standard/procedure. If I did misunderstand please correct me
  12. i would love to see certain emergency scenes be more of an "inconvenience" for lack of a better term. and what i mean by that is, if someone is involved in a car accident, PD and EMS would both be on the scene (if possible), -PD would cordon off the area (maybe with use of placeable barriers?) and after the patient is up, -question them on the accident, if an NPC/player hit them and drove off, RP it as a hit and run, if they didn't drive off then PD can chat to them. -The vehicle which the victim was driving should get towed, as it was involved in an accident and would not be fit for further use until repaired at a mechanic (it would.. but realistically) -maybe firetrucks/firefighters (if available) could be on scene in case the vehicle catches fire what i'm trying to get at is, i would love these "smaller" incidents to be treated as bigger incidents, if there is a mule flipped in the middle of the road, block off that road until it can be towed (this could also encourage the addition of "Public Works" and make tow truck drivers even more relevant). i would like these scenes to take longer, as currently in a public server, if LSFD are attempting to help you up at such a scene and they are rushed along, it makes (at least me..) feel like a revive-bot. i would love to see that changed in 2.0, because currently being clocked on as LSFD is where i lose most of my immersion it's just something i think would enhance RP and realism for everyone involved and everyone that is witnessing it any thoughts and suggestions?
  13. Only business owners and employees can rent shops, you should try to interact and figure the rest out in character and not OOC though.
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