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  1. Only business owners and employees can rent shops, you should try to interact and figure the rest out in character and not OOC though.
  2. uhh, im not sure why your money isnt accumulating, you can check your balance from M>wallet, hover over wallet and it'll tell you your cash and bank amount, then backspace to exit that might be worth asking in the discord's #general-help section if it doesn't fix (or checking your balance from M isnt any different) or eventually a bug report if everything fails, but in the meantime, you could try and interact with people via twitter and explain that someone keeps "stealing your checks in the mail" or something and hope someone will help you out :] hope to see you around sometime!
  3. sabre turbo has a lost of customisations
  4. love this idea and all the reasons it has been suggested, +1
  5. hello hydra who can't join, you need to fill an ingligibility application: https://blrp.life/eligibility hope to see you around soon!
  6. yes i agree some people's injuries are unrealistic to send them on their way roadside, but following on from what george said, we can't force anyone's RP, all LSFD members are encouraged to immerse people in their RP for helping them up, but we are also supposed to gauge the level of RP the patient is looking for. i've had people tell me "my torso just got sliced by a helicopter!!" and i follow on with that RP and make it a big deal, and then as soon as i recommend them hospital treatment, their tone will change because they do not want to go. now it's fine to not want to be transported to the hospital, but RP kinda requires two to tango, when i arrive onto a scene and someone tells me they've been shot in the head (and are able to talk somehow) or have a limb missing and also refuse hospital treatment, that will ruin any immersion LSFD members have. IRL, EMT's rarely will help people roadside, but instead treat them in the back of the ambulance while driving to a hospital, but that's not a feature we have (to be able to perform animations while sat in the back with a patient or see eachother much really), so treatment will happen roadside where it's easy for everyone to see eachother and any bystanders to be able to witness LSFD rp also. all in all, i agree that more serious injuries should be dealt with in the hospital, but that will take away any RP the LSFD member can experience on duty through helping the patient themselves, there is no "doctor" rank, and at the end of the day, this is not a whitelisted or serious RP server, both LSPD and LSFD are always looking for ways to improve their factions, so who knows what will change in the future, but currently, that is the way things are handled.
  7. oops, didn't mean for it to come across like that! yeah everything that we can currently do at a hair salon should still be there, just allow for some changes to be done in your home too!
  8. i think it would be cool to be able to change your hairstyle and some cosmetic stuff such as makeup or facial hair in apartments in front of the bathroom mirror, as a personal touch and aid for different outfits -maybe you can only change hairstyle in apartments and leave the dying to the hair salon (same with facial hair) any thoughts on this?
  9. i think it'd be cool to be able to see your previous transactions (how much you have deposited or withdrawn) from your bank, or money that has been taken straight out of your bank for purchases
  10. I know that @Serena, I’m suggesting blackouts before the storm but thanks for the info anyway
  11. this would be great, maybe blackouts too? +1
  12. my bad @Storrent i had searched for 'reset' and 'restart' filtered to titles only,
  13. personally, when people say "there's a storm coming in [ ]" i find it unrealistic when it's super sunny in the city and nothing makes it actually feel like there is a storm coming i think having heavy rain, storm and a blackout would be a cool way to visually see why everyone says "the storm is coming in [ ]", and would give people an in-character reason to need to put away their cars and take the train out etc, nothing would need to be added to the server (as it utilises what is already available) but would just need to automatically change to the storm/rain/blackout any thoughts on this?
  14. this would definitely stop the whole sprinting around making hand-offs left right and centre, it will force RP for drug-dealers now having to choose whether to lose product or possibly interact with cops if they attack the local but i also agree with @Philip Nelson in that it should only be locals in areas like the boardwalk, pier and gang areas. i don't think locals from areas like vinewood or near zonah would be aggressive like that. maybe to balance it, they can pay less than the ones likely to be aggressive? i think this is a cool idea
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