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  1. If you carry, point a gun at them before your work out
  2. Surveillance should be done by detectives, not just some Joe Schmoe cop On the same page as you, as a crim I LOVE the sense of being watched, having to operate under darkness Being careful with who you speak to, what you say, where you conduct business, etc Would just be super hard to balance because theres no way to determine which channel the crims using, therefore you would have to "wiretap" random channels which isnt all that legal Other forms of penetrating criminal organizations that Id personally love to sees REAL UC cops Most well established gangs tend to know who a majority of the cops are so you'd have to do a damn good job of playing the part to be successful (Fake IDs would be a must) Chances are word would get out after a successful bust so UC operatives have to be real creative to make another or end right there Though for it to be worth there should be a lot at stake for crims such as risk of being raided/longer prison sentences (max 12 hours) To make up for it though, there needs to be more for crims to do and they should make a lot of money (If they dont make dumb mistakes) with the understanding that you're always at risk of losing, thats part of the game Ive played on a server that had 2 day long max sentences, even death row for crimes heinous enough Thats a tad too far but even being sentenced for that long wasnt SO bad because of the AMAZING RP (crimes were very well thought out, proper heists with plans ABC) that led up to sentencing, the amount of things to do and freedom granted to crims more than made up for that Some sort of middle ground would be perfect IMO
  3. I agree with point 2 and 3 Point 1 makes no sense though $15 checks are considered welfare, enough to get by Not something you are supposed to rely on, plenty of money to be made elsewhere Also PD/EMS go through a lot of work to receive training + move up the ranks, not to mention they provide vital services Plus they are not get rich quick type jobs, need to dump a lot of hours to make good money Not saying some other non-WLed jobs dont need balancing though
  4. Too many restrictions Just cause you are not licensed doesnt mean you dont know how or cant learn to operate a vehicle or reload a gun The consequences of being caught should just be more severe
  5. Wow lot of feedback, thank you All valid points, really helped put things into perspective
  6. https://forum.cfx.re/t/dpemotes-1-7-390-emotes-walkingstyles-keybinding-dances-expressions-and-shared-emotes/843105 Includes props such as briefcase, umbrella, box, flowers, etc Also has facial expressions and synced handshakes/dances (F1 to accept, F2 to decline)
  7. @Kevin Ross you make a good point, trade one off for another
  8. I agree there should be a seizure warning on the loading screen however the visuals serve as a balance for combat heals (my own speculation) Its a double edged sword, disadvantageous visuals or withdrawal symptoms? If the effect was toggleable everyone would disable it and smoke weed to one up others If you're aware of the danger, avoid it
  9. Assuming we get more than 3 character slots (5 or 6) how do you guys feel about separating PD/EMS? (Straw poll) https://www.strawpoll.me/19325115 What exactly would that entale? People would have to make a new character to actively pursue a career on another faction; say you want to become a Paramedic but also a FTS for example, you would have to make 2 separate characters to be both. The reason for this from a characters perspective; there's simply not enough time in a single day to sustain two whole careers (obviously this is a video game, therefore it does not demand as much time, meaning some people are able to be both, however this is purely from a characters perspective) Now, some characters may have a knack for both law enforcement and medical, you CAN do both by pursuing the career you are most passionate about BUT also be able to apply for voluntary positions on the opposing faction HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLES EMS EMT, Fire Fighter (assuming that became its own role) PD CFR, Tactical Medic (If SWAT ever became a thing) Would receive pay* To clarify, you would be able to do both Just anything beyond a voluntary position would require making another character for It would help clear up any confusion, properly distinguishing LEOs, emergency services workers and criminals Would open many doors such as allowing cops to be cops (always considered direct witnesses or even make off-duty arrests) I personally much prefer playing a criminal over law enforcement; so why propose these changes? Ive found that it helps tremendously with immersion, you have to be a lot more low-key, more careful with what you say, do or who you associate with If you do not want to be caught, your crimes must be well thought out, planned, giving them purpose No more approaching strangers at Elgin mechanic, asking people to be your hostage or announcing that you have weed sale, cause you never know who could be watching.. Feedback much appreciated
  10. Moving forward I think there should be more effort put into RP, good 1st step would be separating cop & EMS from crim Am I saying you should be banned? of course not As Andreas said, you should be punished (faction side) accordingly for the crimes you commit (strictly IC eg; caught by Law Enforcement, IAs would be silly) I would say, Infractions - Your problem Misdemeanors - Suspension? (depends) Felonies/Capital - Expulsion If you do reach the point of expulsion, I think you should have to go through a condensed course as another character with a clean record to be reinstated As for high ranking members, they should be demoted even as new characters (If you value your job, you shouldnt gamble ) Also think felons should be put on a registry and be unable to legally own businesses or purchase/carry firearms (good opportunity to introduce some sort of underground weapons trade that offers existing + exclusive weapons that would be harder to obtain or just force you to buy from other people, promoting interaction) In the event that you want to reform, I think you should be able to go through a lengthy appeal process that demands prolonged good behavior Only makes sense, least to me Feedback much appreciated
  11. I may be wrong but think the Lost MC & Vagos already have custom interiors Clean version of Hayes Auto a whole snack though
  12. Recently did a lot of digging on the FiveM forums and GTA5-mods, thought some of these may help INTERIORS https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grove-street-shop-fivem-ready Liquor store on Grove street https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/beta-parts-of-madrazo-ranch-rancho-room-with-safe-from-beta Madrazo's ranch house (La Fuente Blanca) open interior (no teleport) working collisions and windows + bedroom, bathroom and office https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/addon-sp-fivem-yellowjack-1st-floor-mlo 2nd story for Yellow Jack https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/lago-zancudo-westhighway-24-7-shop-mlo 24/7 store at the gas station just south of Ft Zancudo https://forum.cfx.re/t/grapeseed-mlo-interiors-1-0/761055 Liquor store, barbershop and bank (Grapeseed) https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/paleto-liquor-mlo-sp-fivem Liquor store (Paleto Bay) PVP https://forum.cfx.re/t/weaponry-realistic-gunplay-recoil-no-ammo-hud-no-reticle/131676 X pistol whipping + advanced recoil https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-addon-less-lethal-bean-bag-shotgun/906034 Bean bag shotgun https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-taser-cartridge-limit-1-1/235692 Taser cartridges https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-player-knockout/6744 % chance of knockout (melee) https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-weapondrop/49856 Drop weapon ANIMATIONS https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-take-hostage/840235 Hostage (gun to head) hands must be up as a balance? https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-carry-people-over-your-shoulder/788958 Carry over shoulder bit.ly/socialemotes Shared emotes (synced handshakes for example) + props (briefcase, umbrella, etc)
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