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  1. Even though I appreciate the thought, I think it would just clutter the discord profiles. I personally don’t think it’s necessary.
  2. I think we should stick to the custom handling. The handling of the cars in Badlands is very unique and something I haven’t come across on any other server. Sure, there are some cars that need tweaking. But overall the driving is realistic and challenging, which helps greatly with immersion and keeps it fun! The only vehicle I’d change would be the charger instead of wheel spin/ low end acceleration.
  3. Do I want to know how you knew about this mod?
  4. Welcome Victor! I’m Victor.
  5. I like your character’s story! I hope she makes it big in the city. ?
  6. Victor Lee

    Weapons Training

    A police officer has a large variety of tools available to him, ranging from non-lethal to lethal. These tools are designed to help an officer carry out his duties in a fast and effective manner. This training will cover these tools and when and how best to use them.
  7. This idea just popped into my mind, but it might be a nice idea to promote RP as well as make a nice buck. Concept: Civilians can clock on at the Burger Shot to serve food and beverages to locals and players. A mini-game where you'd have to cook and prepare dishes would be a cool feature. You get paid more if you serve dishes faster to keep customers happy. Players can order and purchase food that will fill them up completely (thirst/hunger). I think this would create some fun RP and a new 'hub' for people to socialise at, as well as allow players to make money while RPing.
  8. Welcome to the city, enjoy your stay!
  9. until
    Topic: Undercover Departmental Training Purpose: Inform and train officers in coordinating with 'true undercover officers' to counter drug operations. Introduction: This training will explore the opportunities that undercover officers bring to combat drug related crime. As the concept is relatively new, creating efficiency and teamwork when using this method will prove beneficial to future practice in the field. Facilitators: Sgt. Victor Lee & FTS Jordan Salsberg
  10. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
  11. Would love to get more court RP going!
  12. I like the idea. Would be awesome. Maybe on a (test) server for those who want to participate. Of course, LEO’s wouldn’t be allowed to clock in. I think that’s EMS should be allowed to clock in and help people up and that they’re not allowed to be hurt.
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