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  1. @Osk doesn't want the code to go public, because he wrote comments in every car's configuration file saying "GO FLYERS!"
  2. i agree, give everyone 50 million dollars! but ...
  3. wouldn't that render the whole Guide section of the forum meta-gaming as well? there is a guide on how to make money here @Snelzie those farms are what you looking for
  4. already have a dedicated post, it just needs to be updated
  5. like many people suggested, you can just hop into one of the public voice channels, maybe update your discord nickname with a "TOW" tag and there you go. Or you can create a Tow Club on the forum, maybe even make a dedicated discord server for it and share the invite with the club
  6. I think it would help a lot if tagging your own vehicle would be easier. Lot of people i meet don't know how exactly call a tow truck, because they dont realize you can go left and right in the telephone.
  7. this idea is so specific, it feels like it's being used somewhere else
  8. the liveries are considered as "extra" on that car for some reason. Serpico said he wanted to implement a way so we can toggle those extras on cars that uses them. Like some cars spawn with 3 different kind of roof versions and stuff so we just have to wait for that
  9. that's where you learn your procedures from? DAAAYUM
  10. i like this idea! truck drivers are usually left alone to do their stuff, but with this implemented, police would have a real reason to look out for them, make routine stops to check cargo.
  11. there are sooo many ways to outsmart this system if you are creative... what i'm trying to say is that if someone has bad intention, this would be no more than a small inconvenience for them. but for the average Joe, it's more like a pain in the ass
  12. my only issue with hiding stuff is this : i mostly go on duty es EMT when there is noone else, to fill the gaps. i can't be bothered to sign in every 20 minutes to see if im needed
  13. !signin, see there's too many, !signout, tell all my friends, they abuse the info, no way to prove it, back at page 1
  14. still before you would sign in, you would have no idea how many are on duty already. maybe there are already at the limit that can be on duty
  15. I GOT IT! Speed should make a "clock-in" page on the website. connect that to the bot. you clock in on the website, website sends command to bot, bot gives you role to access dispatch channels. This way the DB is safe, there will be logs on who clocked in-out and when. The only downside is that you couldn't see how many are on duty .. ah shit. this is not good.
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