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  1. I don't drive, but I personally like that they go faster. It's alright, some people think differently of this topic
  2. Maybe instead of increasing all cars speed, we increase the speed of slower trucks and cars - I think IRL a truck would be able to go faster than 50mph right? Just maybe a small increase on the slower cars
  3. With vDrop's comment about speed being increased on cars, wether that was a joke or not, it got me thinking - can we actually have a speed increase on cars? I like the speeds that NoPix has for their cars right now, it makes the cars seem more realistic IMO. I don't know if they're using a mod for their speeds, or if it's custom - if it is custom, can we just increase the speeds + acceleration on all cars?
  4. I was told 2.0 was the wrong place to post it, I'm getting mixed messages
  5. So, this is basically going to be a list of suggestions for the 2.0 server that I feel can benefit the entire RP aspect of the server. Some of these suggestions are going to be some pretty big changes if implemented, so if anyone disagrees with whatever I say here, please let me know why 1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/euphoria-ragdoll-overhaul-ero If there is any way to implement this into the 2.0 server, that would be so great! If a player gets shot in the chest, arm, or leg, they don't react. At all. If you could implement where players turn into this ragdoll when they get shot in the arm, leg, or chest that would be much much more realistic, and I could see this being used in RP. 2. Headshots should be instant kill. And I don't mean get knocked instantly, I mean instant kill kill, like where you die, lose everything on you, and respawn at a hospital. Right now, you can get headshot by someone 3 times, and an EMS can just give you morphine and get you up. I understand for regular body shots and such, but there's no way that someone can survive 3 headshots in real life. Also feel like this would make people value their life more when they're getting robbed. 3. Silencers on guns. This would add to Hitman RP, and it looks better on guns - they could cost around 10k and be extremely illegal, so if you get caught with them you're screwed. 4. More drugs in game that we can sell to locals 5. Used car dealership, where you can get cheaper cars at a catch 6. Cigs sold in packs of 12, so you don't have to buy one at a time 7. USD economy? Just stuff that I think can improve on the RP in badlands. (originally posted in the wrong section)
  6. This. I liked when you said that a hitman could say "[blank} sends their regards" or something like that - after all, a hitman IRL wouldn't explain why the person is being killed and such. I feel like a short line like that makes great RP for a hitman.
  7. Pretty sure there are going to be zipties in 2.0 already.
  8. What if we could have a whitelisted role as a judge and prosecutor? If that were to exist, we could have a working court system and would add GREAT value to RP. The judge would need to be non-biased and not affiliated with the police in any way. We can also have civilians complete jury duty for money. I don't know if it's been suggested or already planned, but this is just a random thought that popped into my head
  9. I want a way to be able to add multiple people into a sort of group chat on their phones. This would be great for large groups of people
  10. Is there any way we can add a wire transfer for money so we don't have to meet up and give each other money? Think it'd fit in some good RP sometimes
  11. I've recently been expanding my characters for RP, and I've found myself capped at 3 characters - I have a TON of ideas for character RP, but 3 slots just isn't enough. I'm sure there are other people that also want more character slots too. Is there any way we can have the amount of characters increased to 6-8?
  12. When I try to go into a badlandsrp server, I get the message Combat Logging 3 days (Bob) - what does this mean? I've had this message for more than 3 days, so I don't know what 3 days means.
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