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  1. As the owner of a private security contracting firm, I would more than love to see the ability to restrain individuals. It would make for especially deep RP scenarios where someone trespasses onto a property they shouldn't, we detain them, and then hand them over to LSPD for booking and processing. Other situations could be assisting an officer of LSPD detain multiple individuals in the event the officer is alone, or perhaps securing an accident scene where someone was shot, and the suspect could be detained by IBSC (Insane Bros Security Contractors), and again, extradited to the LSPD for booking and processing. To add to this, I would like to see something where a player has to sit through in-game training and buy a CPR license, just to help stabilize someone until EMS can arrive on scene. I believe it would be more than valuable to us as private security, as IBSC is always trying our best to make the public a safer place. There have been times me or some of my agents utilize their personal vehicles in the case of a traffic incident to block traffic and help protect the downed individual. Again: having someone perform CPR on the downed individual and keeping them alive for another 15 minutes or so would be a quite fantastic RP experience, to say the least.
  2. See that's when you just get smart about it and report the BS. I don't quite understand why this is such a "sensitive" topic, and we have to protect everyone from a ban.
  3. This is a thing, should be made less strict and more fair. VDM should only be VDM in case someone dies, and should only be seen in the case of harassment. Don't believe it's something IRL? Fight me: External Link
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