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  1. https://imgur.com/a/cGPGszG#TNCv512
  2. I support this Idea with us moving over to 2.0, I feel like testing it out with just Whisper/Normal for now would be suffice though. After some feedback from EMS/LSFD is established we can check to see if people are in support of it or against it.
  3. Not sure if he followed up with it so this post is perfect
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/470436965?t=02h59m01s
  5. Maybe I am biased about off road vehicles but I would find it way more realistic that all expensive Off Road Vehicles to have Winches on them to help flipped over vehicles or to get unstuck when mudding. I found this script for Winches https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/winch-for-all-vehicles This in my opinion only be implemented to vehicles that have the Winch model on them like the Kamacho and the Contender. Way more realistic to hook a winch up to a flipped vehicle than just ramming your expensive vehicle into your friends car to get it un-flipped. IRL if im spending a shit ton of money on a truck and I plan to do major Offroading I would 100% be putting a winch on the vehicle, you can even add it into the LS customs as a payable thing.
  6. Here is a link to the post of the previous podcasts
  7. Need to talk to an LT or above on discord that is Barry McKokkiner, Merr Khan or Cpt Steve Young
  8. You are the outlier, most people stick to the 1 shift a month on both factions tbh
  9. I second this, my rule of thumb if its bigger than 1.5x's the size of my vehicle I don't take the jump on my Truck as Cleetus, If I do take a jump and land funny Ill Shut off my car and turn it back on to stimulate engine problems
  10. +1 Especially if you add Tractors on the list
  11. I love the idea behind this, might want to check the discord and coordinate with an even planner, I know George Cahill is one of the people on the event planning committee.
  12. I have to side With @Kota Taylor on this one, him and 3 other LostMC members spent 5 min smashing my PD cruiser with bats and their fists while I was in my head and it was still drive-able after I confronted them about it today. I personally would love to see something implemented like this. Even if all it takes is a repair kit to put it back into service, its more of the principal/RP of someone spending 3k to damage your car with a kit and risking an illegal equipment charge from PD.
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