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  1. I agree but to an extent I understand why it has so much health is because of the local cars constantly crashing into you but with the recent vehicle buff it has made it crazy OP I think if we keep the health but the ability to spin it out easier would be perfect
  2. Actually that doesnt do shit to this truck ill update with proof Edit: https://clips.twitch.tv/BoredToughPelicanBudBlast Here is a clip of Victor Lee shooting directly at the engine twice then shooting all the tires out and she still drives like nothing
  3. Clyde Rivers and I wanted to get into some RP of delivery drivers for Pißwasser acting as rednecks and not stoping even for police delivering beer. We got into 3 cop chases and noticed how OP the Phantom Custom and I am assuming all the Job trucks are for running from the cops. Here is one very good example of how well Robust this truck is https://clips.twitch.tv/MuddyObliqueCattleThisIsSparta This clip shows a perfectly executed pitt-manuver with a Tahoe going 80 MPH and I was able to brush it off. My suggestion is to make the truck easier to breakdown or be able to pit it much easier.
  4. I completely agree with this, When I'm on PD I reserve giving full fine amounts to Shit lords and people that are completely out of line, I reduce what I can and always suggest to people that have felony's to get a lawyer. I do my best to reward good RP and not punish those that bring me good scenarios when I'm on duty
  5. My Characters RP is driving like an asshole, If you are ever on PD and search my vehicle you will literally find nothing but repair kits. I have anywhere between 30-120 repairkits in all my vehicles at all times Reason being that I like getting the cops reactions to me driving like a complete idiot then seeing the repairkits reinforcing that I drive like that all the time. I constantly crash into signs and trees on purpose visiting the repair shop about 10-30 times in a given storm. What I drive also matters, I only drive Trucks as a "Red neck" Guardian, Contender and Kamacho are the vehicles I drive for the sole reason of RP. Its the way I RP and its an expensive RP especially since I do mostly Criminal stuff I am constantly loosing money and having to work hard to continue the RP
  6. Thanks for the reply Serpico and if you have any suggestions or want to mention anything on whats possible from a Devs perspective that would be appreciated!
  7. I completely agree with your statement now that you explained about someone doing a dirty money cleaning at the last 10 min of a storm, that needed to be addressed and I believe that this system change will address that. Some people are saying that this is a way to make money fast, I totally disagree, this is our income we earned from selling coke/meth. This is like a small reward for us that have not been caught by the cops by either selling with a look-out (which I always do) or just being careful and not sticking to one spot, now there has always been a risk with cleaning dirty money but before it was ridiculously low risk, but now we have gone to the other extreme and its ridiculously high risk. I do Criminal, EMS and Cop RP with EMS and criminal being the 2 primary RP's I do. I strongly believe that the system is great just needs better fine tuning of the numbers, mainly the rate of cleaning boosting from 1k to 10k. To balance the change of rate of cleaning and to help PD more, set a cap at what the max you can clean at once so there is a higher probability of them being called, which I suggested anything over 30k trying to be purchased with dirty money auto-notifies the PD. I just don't want to have to work a full storm RPing as a store clerk because I enjoy running from the cops when I am selling coke or making the coke.
  8. With my suggestions police raids would not stop at all, if anything they would slightly increase or stay the same, what would change is the rate at which dirty money does get washed, no one buys a store for 5k then washes only 50k in dirty. I have not met anyone that was making million a day off of dirty money, maybe did a million dollar cleaning because they act as a MafiaRP where lots of people did not want to deal with dirty money so they become associates with "corporations" aka criminal enterprises. They did not make that million dollars in that day, they bought dirty money from multiple people in exchange for clean so they can RP as the go to Mafia. This just incentives everyone to clean there own dirty instead of continuing our RP of acting as a mafia
  9. I completely agree that people will try to find a loophole, thats why my suggestion has changes for both PD and Civ, we bring back the old system of % of transactions get alerted to PD. Its not that I want PD to get less raids like it was before. Make it so we can clean the money faster and lower the chances of it going under the radar. the main concern is if you sell 200 coke it'll give you roughly 30-40k in dirty money. Thats an extra 40 min that you have to sit at a store to wash money you earned, not every criminal wants to do Store RP for every van of coke they manage to sell.
  10. That's understandable but making 360k in 6 hours with a 96k investment is horrible return, that is also assuming anyone is even able to come by your shop to rp with to begin with spending a full storm to RP as a shop keeper at that point seems like a chore if you have more than 100k dirty
  11. Hey guys I enjoy the new Money Laundering system, but I but believe there is room for improvement for both PD and Civ What we like about the new system: Makes cleaning not Instantaneous, makes things way more realistic Gives the opportunity for PD to raid more often, until recently I have never been apart from a PD raid Adds risk to cleaning Adds RP to hire guns Brings RP to the store areas then at 2/6 Don't like about the new system: Only able to clean 1k dirty/min This means in a full storm cycle you are only able to clean 360k storm to storm and constantly defending it from robberies and from PD from shutting it down Suggestion of change: Change it to 10-20k/min meaning you can clean the money (to be able to cover the fees of the hired members and the loss of just fines) a lot faster but also keep the old system where a certain % of the transaction get flagged by the police. Another suggestion: To avoid someone minimizing the risk of just putting all their dirty money all at once to avoid police raid percentages make it so if you try to clean more than 30k at once the Police automatically gets triggered for suspicious activities (>30k 100% probability of alert) Reasons for changes: With our math 20k per hire guns X4 10k in fines if you get caught Est. 5k principal for rent 1k/inventory pack This is a 96k investment being only able to clean 360k maximum.
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