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  1. I have to side With @Kota Taylor on this one, him and 3 other LostMC members spent 5 min smashing my PD cruiser with bats and their fists while I was in my head and it was still drive-able after I confronted them about it today. I personally would love to see something implemented like this. Even if all it takes is a repair kit to put it back into service, its more of the principal/RP of someone spending 3k to damage your car with a kit and risking an illegal equipment charge from PD.
  2. Love this patch! Thanks to all the devs
  3. VOIP Spam = Voice Over IP(Internet Protocol) Spam aka Mic Spamming, or being loud and obnoxious for attention because there is not a way to mute specific members int he city, Horn spamming= you spamming your horn in a car, Holding your horn everywhere to be obnoxious
  4. I agree but giving us the option of 2/5/10 seconds of notifications for all tweets would be nice, more customization is always a good thing. Currently you can get notifications for all tweets but the popup is only 2 seconds long, really hard to read a tweet in 2 seconds
  5. I made a post on this recently, actually made a suggestion to make it so the notification of some of the tweets to last longer, since it currently only stays up for 2 seconds
  6. Wanted to re-bump this post to see if there are any other opinions on the topic
  7. So thats why rebel radio hasn't been working for Cleetus, only station he listens too! On a more serious note I completely agree
  8. That's fine if you would like it only to be set for 2 seconds I was just asking for more options for example if you were able to make it a custom length (fine tune to your liking), or options such as 2, 5 or 10 seconds.
  9. Love the work of moving twitter to an app on its own, but when it comes to staying up to date with what is going on the city I would like the notification that pops up on the top left hand corner to be longer or the option to edit how long the notification shows for. At this moment to show all tweets it only stays up for 2 seconds
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