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  1. this sounds like a super nice idea! i would love to see this make it!
  2. @speed hey man, i know we have ben riding this tree for a good long time, i just wanna show you what it is that we are talking about, and again by the Cops. The lost have been trying to use the same cut to stand out. but this is what we get when we try and rep our MC
  3. @speed hey, i really wanna try and Bump this again, since alot of MC is starting to roll in the City`s, The Lost MC is starting to get more and more out there, and it would be so amazing if we could have a way for others in the city to know who we are, also since there is so many ppl who wants to join once they find out that there is someone running The Lost, we just have no way of showing who we are, we have gotten some Angels Of Death in the city too now, and they have colors they can roll with, everyone knows that the AOD is running Red and Black bikes/outfits. The Lost have nothing really, i really wanna plead to the Devs and ask them if it would be posible to get even just a decal we could throw on our cuts.. it would boost the RP for the MC sooo insanly much!, also from what im seeing is that The Lost is a Lore friendly MC, its something that has always been in GTA, just like The Vagos and ballers, we just have no way of showing who we are a part of, and i know it can ofc be RPèd out by telling other players, but it would be nice not having to tell every person you meet what group your from. Hope you guys will look this over, and Thanks for your time!. MajorB / Fillip Valentine. President of The Lost MC
  4. would there be any chance for the Lost MC mabyy getting the Patches? i dont know if its the Lack of some players way to RP, but people keep telling me that we are not the Lost ccause of the missing Patch on the back, it would help so much in RP if something could be done. have a great day.
  5. Some Rivals could be really good RP for all the members, i really hope we can get something to work out.
  6. it was amazing guys!! Thanks for some super fun RP!
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