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  1. McMMO. Imo, the best mod for minecaft multiplayer. I have always had it on my every server that I have ever hosted. https://mcmmo.org/#home
  2. You can't, that reply was pointed for the admins.
  3. Agree with this. Getting money back while in prison just don't seem right. But doing those activities you can lower your prison time because of your "good behaviour". I know have this on other servers and it works great.
  4. There has been great ideas to solve this problem, but tbh only way to solve this completely is to un-whitelist everyone who abuses it... It is just so sad to see that whitelisted (aka trusted) persons abuse this... But the sad truth is, only way to make everything fun and fair for everyone is behind the screen. Probably even un-whitelisting people who abuse that won't fix it..
  5. If abusing something like this is a problem and has already been a problem when people change clothes etc, I can't see how it would get any worse. And if it's already a problem, why not just start banning those who change clothing/appearance because that for sure is disruptive RP? I believe if they add character slots, you have to go to X place on the map to swap between characters and it still would be easier to go to a barber/clothing store to change your appearance in the "old way" and most of the time that probably still is faster way to do it if you are being chased.
  6. If they do it now, then this might be the solution to fix that if you can tie the character system to the BOLO so they can't change char before the BOLO is cleared.
  7. I think people just don't get this.. you don't HAVE TO use different character slot even if they add those character slots, you can do it the old way anyway.. With a slot that resets your new character to 0, you have an option to have a fresh start without losing everything from your another character. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can still change your ID like before after the character slots get implemented? @speed
  8. You can always choose to change your current character to a one that you want to be rich. And just saying, you can RP a lot of different characters without grinding. Asking an admin to wipe all your money is really dumb, because then you lose it FOREVER and you won't have that rich character anymore, unless you grind back to it. Instead, if you want to create a poor character or just a character that's not a supercar and every damn expensive thing owner, now you have an option for that without losing all your money forever (like I did because I just got bored to that rich life and gave everything to a random guy to have a fresh start myself). So basically, if you can't stand the fact you're gonna lose money and such, then yous go for the old way and change name/appearance. If you want to have fresh start for a whole new character, then create a new one. EDIT: I think people don't understand that it's not going to be against the rules to just do the same way as we have been doing to this day.. NOBODY prevents and will prevent you changing your character without creating a new one.
  9. To this day, this doesn't make sense to me. I personally used to change my name and appearance (character) when RPd cop vs. when I did something illegal. It just seems silly to me. Why would anybody be a criminal and be in the law enforcement at the same time? Maybe it is just me, but that's my opinion.
  10. I think the same way. New char, new life, new everything.
  11. I speed every day IRL and I don't consider myself as a criminal
  12. Welcome to The Badlands. Enjoy your stay!
  13. I think the whole selling on the streets thing is great and I have loved it from the beginning. With every drug. If you go deep into that role and really RP a drug dealer, instead of thinking only about the money you can get and the cars you can buy, it's almost the best RP you can get here (at least I love it personally). You just have to be really careful and smarter than the cops and especially now with the zones you have to stay within, it just adds more to it. I personally just RP that I deal around a few blocks and only at night, I have those "regular customers" who comes to buy from me etc etc. Everyone should think about the jobs like it's the role you are playing and the money is just the reward you get when playing your role well. The game is not only about money. I stopped caring about money and everything is now a lot more fun.
  14. I feel like if you get offended because your RP character can't join RP private party, there's something badly wrong. But I have noticed that here's many players who takes RP as it is their life and gets mad about thinks, but that's a whole new topic then. To the locking, I would really like to see that as an option. For the reasons stated above especially by Kota. And if you have doors locked at a party for example, it doesn't mean that you won't have bouncers there. I'm up for kicking away some too drunk and unwanted people!
  15. The struggle when you forgot to take some cash with you there when you were about to clock in
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