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The Crawshank family


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Hey everyone! Thought I would drop my stream In here as I want to be able to help the server out as much as I can, advertisement wise that is!


little bit of info about myself.

my name is Josh, I live in the UK and I’m 28 years old with a beautiful wife and daughter. 
I have been streaming for a little over 8 months and already sitting at 1400 followers. The community I have created is amazing in many ways, and I try to focus more on my community/chat when streaming. Knowing each individual viewer/ subscriber is something I strive to achieve. 

come check us out by clicking below! 

Twitch channel (click here)

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21 hours ago, Corny said:

Welcome to you and your crew! I've already had a blast meeting various members of the Crawshanks, very happy you all have been playing here! Well, except for Gregory...

Thanks man! Loved our RP outside the PD the other night! 

And yes there is always a crow within the doves.... And that is Gregory..... 

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