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Internal Affairs - Misconduct Report Template

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Internal Affairs -A Misconduct Report


Please take the time to copy the below template for your misconduct report. It will be reviewed by a senior staff member of the Los Santos Department of Justice. We hold our Judicial Officers to high standards and want to make sure they are providing the best possible experience for each person they interact with. All reports will be reviewed thoroughly and resolutions will be formed and acted on to ensure we are constantly improving over time.

IC reports: For IA reports to be handled in character, they should be written from your character's perspective. Please refrain from using knowledge that your character would not have when writing your report. All photos must have been taken by you; any videos must be from scenes that your character was involved in.
OOC reports: If your complaint is partially or entirely about OOC issues, please include that information and label it as OOC. Example: lack of proper communication, low effort working.

Other reports: Other violations, such as breaking server rules or RP issues, should be handled via player reports.

Video must be your own unedited footage (or you must have been part of the scenario) and have fully working audio

Use this template when creating a new Internal Affairs Report

Your userid (the number over your head or next to your name in chat):

Your Character Name (if applicable):

Reported players userID (number next to their name in chat or above their head):

Reported Character Name (if applicable):

Date and Time of incident (convert to EST):

Description of misconduct:

Screenshot/Video evidence (please provide time stamps for un-edited video evidence!):

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