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Suggestion for Robberies

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11 hours ago, Richie said:

I'd love to see that, or even smash and grab atm hacking would be cool aswell 

In light of a post that kiwi put up as-well-as this quote from Richie above;

I believe there should be more to robbing a store, an interactive aspect per-say aside from the regular RP. The suggestion, I'm making is to add a mini-game to the safes and so forth and or a hacking game for the electronic key locks. Something like how car locks are picked and so forth; you need to hit it just at the right time for you to be able to get in, personally from experience I find it quite boring just walking up and starting the drill and so forth on whatever store I'm at, for my criminal characters. Providing a mini-game to lets-say attaching or starting the drill and so forth for store robberies, and then a hacking mini-game for Vinewood bank; where you could attach the hacking phone, and get the process started you need to do a mini-game for it to start. Once those basic things are down, then the time will start and so forth; you get what I'm saying?

I mean there could be many avenues of how you could change and or refine the idea to add more interactive-ness to the start of a silent alarm/robbery. I personally find it more fun and exciting with how breaking into cars works now, gets my adrenaline going; what do you guys n gals think? I'm just thinking on perspective here as I know people want more interactive-ness aside from RP into robbery and other things as-well.

Stay safe.

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