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So through my time in the city I’ve noticed some businesses that have just plummeted when it comes to opening and people showing up. I had an idea for the Vanilla Unicorn similar to the casino. I’d love to see it open 24/7 with local strippers whenever there aren’t civilians to work there. I’m not sure who owns it at the moment but I’d love to see more action down town and bring some more life to that area. Have a working bar with maybe a specialty vanilla unicorn drink. I’d also love to have a specialty item for my character that could be a collectible. Pops has been on the rise in the city with his popularity and a signature item of his is his cane! I’d love to see an actual cane melee weapon that either I could sell, the pawn shop could sell, or a location that pops works at like 305 shop. I’d also like to inquire about a custom livery or details to my mobility scooter as it is also a staple piece of pops. Even just getting my name on the back or something would be awesome detail! I also think some restaurants need to go like the mojito inn, I have never seen it open in the months I have been in the city. I don’t know if it’s the timing of when I’m around or nobody owns it. I’d love to see an upscale restaurant, more on the fancy side with tuxedo waiters and a nice view! Maybe a tourist spot close to the vine wood sign in the hills. I’d also like to run an event soon up at the theatre for Pops! It would be Pops Talent Show! There could be a sign up sheet where they list what their performance is and I can get people for security as well as showing people to their seats or standing section. I’ve also had ideas for more lucrative legal jobs that would take more time but be interesting and worth it. I’ve thought of dock workers, down by the one trucking location. Where you could check shipping containers, lock up the boats, and patrol the area or man the security gates. I think a subdivision for security in certain locations would add an interesting dynamic when it comes to rp for criminals, cops, and civilians doing their jobs at said locations. I’d also love to see more storyline driven jobs/heists. Possibly a luxury plane heist at the airport that gives a high alert to police, it take a good bit of time to access the plane and the payout is very good but it is an extremely risky job. I’d also love to see something done with the military post, maybe a secret bunker where you have a chance to find nothing, basic items, alien plushie, or special space related items like a little alien blaster (doesn’t shoot) just collectible items. It could also alert police when entering the site due to it being on the military post. I would also love for there to be jobs at 24/7 locations. Not all but the big ones. It would add dynamic to robberies as well as a nice legal job that pays well considering you could be a hostage. There could be specialty 24/7 food and drinks that are only available if someone is working there so that people don’t need to resort to sandwiches and water when no restaurants are open. 

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