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DOJ Judge Application Template | OPEN | READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING

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Judge Application Template

Applications are Currently OPEN for the position of Judge in the San Andreas Court System

The following qualifications/restrictions exist for any applicants to Judge positions. Failure to meet any requirement will result in denial of your application

  1. Your character may not be convicted of, or have received a pardon for any felony or violent crime
  2. Your character may not engage in corruption of any kind and must remain impartial to all cases
  3. OOC, you must have previous legal experience (BCSO, LSPD, SASP, Attorney etc), but your Judge character cannot be employed with any LEA or LSFD at any time, nor working as a lawyer, while appointed as a Judge
  4. You must have a superior knowledge of Civilian Rights and how they apply to interactions between LEOs and the general population
  5. You must take and pass a written answer scenario test on Civilian Rights prior to qualifying for the bench
  6. Your application must show effort and be thorough

There is a waiting period after submitting your application so we can observe your interactions with other players on the server. Not everyone will be accepted as a Judge due to the influence and power of the position. If your application is denied, please do not be discouraged. In the future, we will have other opportunities for players with the DOJ itch!

Please be patient, and do not contact staff regarding the status of your application. Failure to follow this request may result in the denial of your application.


Thread Title: (Character Name) - Judge - (UserID)

Out of character Questions

Discord username (Example Bob#0001):



How much RP experience do you have?:

How many active characters will you play, including your Judge?:

Estimated time you expect to spend on Judge RP and schedule of availability in EST time:

Describe the character you would play as in this role:

In character Questions

These questions should be answered from the perspective of the character who will play your judge


Phone Number:

Have you previously applied for a position with the DOJ? If yes, then link your previous application(s):

Describe your previous experience in law enforcement:

In your own words describe what you can bring to this role, and what makes you qualified to be a Judge:

Describe impartiality and why it is important to remain impartial as a Judge:

What changes to laws or civilian rights would you like to see? Why?:

An LEO charged an individual with Driving without a valid License after the individual was pulled over for speeding and had forgotten their license at home. The individual provided their name and date of birth to the officer at the traffic stop, and was positively identified. The ticket is being disputed in court. What factors would you consider?

LEOs receive a 911 call about an individual grabbing phones from a display case in a Digital Den. As LEOs arrive on scene, the individual runs out of the store without paying and flees on a bicycle. After a brief chase on the bicycle, the individual is apprehended and taken to cells. There is no hostage involved in the offence. Search of the suspect reveals a class 1 firearm tucked in their waist band. After arrest, the suspect was cooperative with police. What would be the appropriate charges in this situation? What factors would you consider?

LSFD has called LEOs to the scene of a construction accident where "construction worker #1" was untying a bundle of lumber, causing it to fall on another individual below and kill them. After investigation, LEOs conclude that the lumber was not properly secured due to the negligence of construction worker #1. LEOs have called you to consult on the scene and are asking if they should charge the individual, and if so, with which crime. What would be the appropriate charges in this situation? What factors would you consider?

Detectives receive pictures of a building filled with bricks of cocaine from a confidential informant. The pictures document the exterior and interior of the building, giving full view of the quantity of drugs located inside. Are the conditions of Civilian Rights §4.4 and §4.6 met, and can police enter that place to raid it?

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