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Event Team Application Format


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Event Team recruiting is currently CLOSED

The BadlandsRP Event Team ensure events that require help beyond average player abilities/RP run smoothly and are planned accordingly/within rules of server.

Responsibilities of Event Team member:

  • Creating server events as a team
  • Posting flyers in the Server Events channel
  • Working with members of the community on their own events
    • If helping coordinate an event, find out difference between RP event or admin-sanctioned event - if the latter, get admin involvement for further planning/coordination

Difference between RP events and Admin events: Anything that requires more than what a regular player is capable of doing or able to provide is an admin event. A few examples would be: needing certain cars spawned, needing custom items, etc.

This role is specifically to support the staff team in events that our community desires or benefits from. It's not intended to be taken as a server promotion or position above regular players. It is simply a community role!

If you are interested in applying for a position as a BadlandsRP Event Team Member, please create an application using the format below.

  1. Player ID:
  2. In Game Name:
  3. Discord Name (ex. tRaSh#3963):
  4. How long have you played on BadlandsRP?:
  5. When (including timezone) do you usually play?:
  6. Why do you want to be an Event Team Member?:
  7. What can you bring to the team?:

Please put as much effort as possible into your application. A couple of paragraphs about your history and why you want to be a team member is much better than one or two sentences. The more information, the better. We love reading.

Applications should be submitted in this forum. Once your application has been submitted, please do not ask about the status of your application.

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