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Restaurants' Owners and Managers Only Special Benson

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Please make it so restaurants' owners and managers can buy a special Benson that can hold a lot more, hold a limited amount of fish/salmon meat, drink packs, taco kits, shot boxes, the Yellow Jack 6-packs & 12-packs of craft beer,  Frozen Waffles boxes,  Crackistani Whiskey Crates, all of the candies for when Halloween comes rolling around, To-Go Bags, and any other restaurant necessities.


It's a pain having to use my personal Benson for the sole purpose of storing restocking items, holding our top shelf booze, and etc. Especially when my character wants to go along with her friends to go garden, but she doesn't have any room to do so 😭


Side note, please make empty To-Go Bags stack ❤️ 

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