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Hey there, I just had a couple suggestions for the taxi job as I love that when I came into this city it's already available as in lucid city it was a whitelisted job which is where I came from, I feel as though it should also be whitelisted on badlands the reason being in my 2 months of being in the city it's the most thing I do is taxi just what I am most comfortable with but the problem I see is there is too many taxi's and not enough customers in my opinion I think there should a taxi company you must apply too and that's how you apply for taxi jobs instead of just having it already available as soon as you fly in.

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i would have to disagree, for multiple reasons. the first being whitelist was recently done away with completely. you dont even need to be whitelisted anymore for government jobs :) second reason, there really arent that many taxis, especially considering the population size. there currently is one established taxi company (Big Hawks), and several other independent taxi companies, along with independent drivers. very rarely do you see more then one or two taxis in a single area, that should tell you alone there arent many of them lol.

the big issue with taxis, as far as getting requests from other players on the server, is the fact that its frankly too easy to get a vehicle. pretty much everyone on the server has a vehicle that theyll usually use all the time. which makes getting requests from players few and far between. they might call if they get stuck without a vehicle somewhere, but thats usually it except for events. there are no extra fees to owning vehicles other then fuel and repairs. you dont pay insurance or anything, which some other servers do have, making taxis more viable in those.

I for example invested in vehicles that can carry between 6 - 10 people for my company, the only time ive filled it up was to bring people to certain events if they didnt want to drive. extremely rare to get a booking for those as majority will drive themselves.

I also am a pilot for one of the servers air charter operators, and surprisingly we face the same issue, but not because everyone has access to an aircraft, more so because when travel season is around, majority will take the local option to fly versus the charter operators, even though we're the cheaper option, so cheap we barely make anything off those flights lol.

as a transportation provider, youre fighting against easy access, not other transportation providers. the majority of the time, youll be transporting locals vs other players.

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I see your points I shouldn't have really said whitelisted I meant like you know you apply to work at burgershot then you have to pass like an interview process. Because most of the time I see taxi's as well they are mostly new citizens which I understand some of them are not really use to rping. I just think this would also be quality assurance to make sure before these new rp lads know like the basics before stepping into a taxi vehicle not offering much conversation and be like now hand over money.

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