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Phone/Tablet Market & Exclusive Black Market

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Over the past 2 weeks, I have been building up a project covering a new market that is more organised and structured in comparison with the ic-craiglist and other methods of trades and sales done within Badlands RP. 

Project name: 'Badlands Market' 

With this project, I want to have developers or anyone able to integrate this idea into the phones and tablets of every player which will consist of an application named 'BM' or just 'Badlands Market'. The design of the application of course is up to the developers, especially how it works.

But I was hoping it would also have an exclusive black market section only accessible by people given permission by the black market administrators which would be players that are not disclosed to others.

Is this a good idea to implement to Badlands?


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1 hour ago, Aquiles Delmar said:

see recent post in the feedback section on the discord regarding the new phone theyre working on. black market app is one of the suggested apps

Can you direct me to which one? I cannot find it.

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sure. lot of new stuff theyre working on :) ofcourse no timeline, we can probably expect it to take some time. id assume priority is getting the new phone out, and then the extra apps can be added over time. with the current phone we have now however, there isnt anything they can add to it. so just gotta wait to see how the new phone comes about


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