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Ability to buy and/or craft furniture for a material cost

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What if certain furniture items such as walls/floors were able to be "built" for a material cost? Keep the current system and perhaps add a 4th quadrant to the M menu for Furniture called "Construct". It could be a fun mechanic to be able to either buy the furniture as we already do, or "build" it for a material cost which is taken from your inventory.

For example, we could either buy a wall for $500, or build a wall for 5 wood planks and 10 nails which is cheaper than buying it outright.

Perhaps not all furniture items would able to be crafted, only certain items such as walls/floors/couches/tables or other common furniture items. This would help interior decorators save on costs, help the average player get rid of some materials in a RP way, and foster more RP in businesses that deal in material supply such as The Scrapyard, Schlott Construction, and Valdaso.

Additional features could include requiring the player to have certain tools in their inventory to craft certain furniture items, or having interior decorators do this exclusively to incentivize hiring them.

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