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Add Rules for Baton Use.

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PD using their baton as a means to catch up to someone with good distance should be considered power gaming as it is a drastically unnatural speed boost and is massively overused to end foot pursuits rather than giving the criminal a fair chance at escaping. Change my mind.

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This would also need to be pushed for civilians/criminals using Bats, Crowbars, or any kind of melee weapons to balance it out because I’ve had my fair share of criminals abusing the targeting system to lunge.
But If you feel something was unfairly done then I would suggest filing an IA with the respective department and be as descriptive as possible or include clips.




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The foot pursuit typically starts after a very long car pursuit. You also have unlimited stamina. Cops usually use the baton if you keep running especially after getting tazed. The foot pursuit gotta end eventually lol. Sounds like plenty of opportunity to me. Change my mind.

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the number of times ive seen people abuse not having any stamina limits to run clear across the island while being chased is frankly sad. but until that day comes :( dont get me started on the number of times people need to be tased. at a certain point its just LQRP to keep getting up and trying to run and i know most cops dont want to waste time filing player reports all day over it, so it goes overlooked and abused sadly.

unless you been doing a lot of ratty shit during a chase, by the time the batons or even the tasers comes up, theyve already given you plenty of chances to get away IMO

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