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  1. while it is indeed player mentality the shops centralized location for a repair shop does draw in the crowd and contribute to it. but my point about it being a centralized shop killing business for anyone that tries to run the others is still accurate.
  2. im pretty sure they are hidden until you become an ems/fire tagged
  3. now i realize this is not gonna be a popular post for a few reasons, however that being said i believe desperate times call for drastic measures. so lets get down to the nitty gritty. repair shop 2/6 is often best described as being toxic and or trolly on most days to the point police often shut it down, also because of it's centralized location no one even tries to man the other shops because people seldom ever go to them. especially since 2/6 is right next to the freeway. the solution is a simple one remove it entirely and move 5/6 to the atomic garage just north of Jamestown. with no centralized repair shops people will be more apt to man the different shops throughout the city which will also likely reduce the chances for large congregations of people gathering at a single repair shop. now their is no garuntee that this will work 100% but it should reduce the amount of utter nonsense that occurs on the grand scale improving the server as a whole. ontop of reducing the chance for getting 4 people clocked on as mechanics all manning the same damn shop. now im sure there will be a bit of resistance to this suggestion but i honestly believe it will help the community as a whole in the long run.
  4. sorry but even with different character slots you cant fully eliminate that risk, all you are doing is potentially limiting people to be less likely to clock on duty with a dual purpose character because they'd have to log out wait in the first position que change characters just to clock on.l and as for favoring are you actually seeing what you think you are seeing, or just seeing what isn't there because perhaps their rp was better then yours and it seemed like they got favoritism.
  5. 1k every 60 seconds roughly, you have to do a minimum of 1000(apparently) and the only way to stop a raid is to legit down the cops at the store, since no amount of rp will dissuade them from raiding your store even for relatively minor amounts, any inventory you have is also lost. and even if you do manage to down them 15 minutes later they are just gonna raid the store again. it does need to be balanced a lil bit better especially since to launder your own money it requires the aid of someone else.
  6. all i know is i set up the main item i was gonna be using(in a smart fashion) toggled dirty money one and 19 minutes later after they were done dealing with a robbery in another store they showed up before i had taken a single cent and inspected the stock/prices.
  7. while it's not a bad system there are a few things that should be addressed to balance it a lil bit. only 1000 a minute? you get almost 11k in dirty money from coke for only 50 units most people move that much in less than an hour. to say nothing of business owners buying dirty money to launder on a different day. i also had cops come and check the shop almost immediately after turning dirty money on at the store they didn't find anything but it is a little bit on the concerning side. since the only thing that would have triggered it is turning it on in the first place.
  8. while mostly true i feel that the recent wardrobe rule making everyone wear matching unitards essentially is somewhat counterproductive to that end yes it makes it easier to identify who is doing what in a hostile situation but it is kinda unrealistic. individuality is a big part of life even within gangs. matching bandanas is accurate but matching every piece of clothing as well? it's a little on the ridiculous side. while being able to identify who is hostile and who is not is important. by making everyone match so closely in appearance you are essentially removing part of the challenge of by making it overly easy to identify who is a threat and who is an innocent by standard.
  9. and what happens to people caught exploiting? you really think someone thats been in the city long enough to get their hands on a business is gonna run a huge risk like that for chump change ? i also stated the rates were just an example, and again the potential for rp would essentially be the same as the convenience store rentals it's all in the hands of the person doing the rp no one actually needs to run the mechanic shop and yet people do it for the rp all the time.
  10. how could it be abused exactly? at say 250 income per car pulled if the rental fee is 5000 they would have to pull out there own vehicles 20 times in total to even get their money back for the rental fee alone, as for the reduced pull fee that would just be in line with the benefit of actually owning a parking garage in the first place yes it would need to be balanced , but short of doing what a certain individual with pink cars does there really isn't a whole lot of room for abuse and the potential for rp would be the same as the convenience store.
  11. as you may recall i requested a garage near jamestown some time back and it was pretty much shot out of the water, but it spawned another idea for for possible business related rentals. RENTAL GARAGES, it goes like this on some of the more abstract spots for parking garages like grove street, mirror park, the airport, and maybe 1 or 2 others, in addition to a few more locations where it makes sense for there to be additional garages. you could have garages, the people could rent for say 5000 dollars (just an example) and they get say 250 -500 for each car that gets pulled out of that location and they have to pull out of a safe similar to the convenient stores, when the garages aren't rented out they can shut down or something and then the incentive for people to go out of there way to use theses garages would be a reduced fee full pulling vehicles out like 50% of the normal rate of standard garages(just an example). it gives some potential for rp, more reasons to strive for owning a business, along with some other stuff depending on the location.
  12. ok so for vehicles requested i'd like to request the following vehicles. the Barracks , troop transport vehicle the barracks Hauler/Semi (military semi-truck variant) and the taco truck. (taco Tuesday!!!!) > now i know it was previously stated that military vehicles have no role in rp but the barracks would have a purpose. the same as it's real-life equivalent, in rl people can pick up a M35A2 deuce and a half(barracks) in even like new condition for anywhere from 5k-20k depending on the source and how impatient they are for acquiring one. now im not saying that should be the price on the server or anything it is just an explanation for why they are popular beyond just their appearance. these vehicles are a popular choice for businesses just starting out or farmers, because they are cheaper, offroad capable, durable , reliable,can tow/haul a large amount, and can even run off vegetable oil. they are also popular among offroad enthusiast because of how capable they are offroad with such a low pricetag. now as for the rp use it would be useful for things like gold mining , blast mining, a few illegal activities, and any future jobs that may be out in the boonies. as well as possible special events and while im not sure of the vehicles gta top speed but the real thing tops out at like 70-75 mph like i said it's main purpose is offroad utility. as for military semi-truck basically same story as the other vehicle but it's performance would be right up there with normal semi-trucks, i just figured it would be a cool semi variant =D > now onto the taco truck, it would be great if there were other foodtruck variants but sadly this is the only one this would just be a nice vehicle to run a mobile store out of for rp and actually look the part opposed to selling food out of the back of a box truck. again this would hold more than a Van but less than a mule because much of the space would be taken up by the kitchen appliances and what not. just another rp tool for people. now onto the boat modifications i would like to see the available storage space for the sailboat increased to 60 kg and the space for the tugboat increased to at least 100kg, that way people would be more inclined to purchase and use the boats for rp related stuff and what not.
  13. there are a couple that would make sense though from an rp perspective such as the Barracks and barracks tractor, lots of farmers and small business buy the military suprplus equivalents of those 2 and modify them to suite their needs as a cheaper alternative to specific pieces of machinery they need. and lots of your typical rednecks love buying troop transport and Humvee because they are former military vehicles and are pretty unstoppable offroad. in terms of place in rp though they probably make more sense than the trophy truck.
  14. as it stands the actual amount of tow calls is relatively low and while yes the change to the repair kits has helped bring more people into the shops, im wondering if its possible to have the repair kits to have a small chance of failure meaning the vehicle has to be either repaired by a tow driver or taken to a shop and repair, similar in function to the medical kits chance to fail. i think it would encourage people to alter their driving habits a little bit and balance the rp aspect a bit more so doing tow duties is actually useful.
  15. pretty far away and in an ackward location though, can't speak for anyone else but that is literally the only spot i have never used for pulling a vehicle out. from an rp standpoint that area makes the least sense since its an industrialized zone, but thats just my opinion on it
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