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  1. and the second hair color option would be awesome also
  2. I think this would add a new way for people to use hostages would be cool to see it added if it can https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-take-hostage/840235
  3. I think this would be a great addition for taking guns out of the holster https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-holsters/731182
  4. Can we get these Ron tankers blocked from spawning at the Sandy Shores garage from spawning in as they spawn in and blow up on each other and at times setting the gas station pumps off also will make it a little safer from getting blown up accessing that garage. https://gyazo.com/f1207df6477750e5be863089f009d0ed
  5. I think this will be great to be able to use the beds in the hospital a lot more with easier access to laying down in them like sitting in chairs https://forum.fivem.net/t/pillbox-beds/591144
  6. yes I also watched him work on this while streaming
  7. Could we get the option to turn on or off the neon lights I think it would be good to have instead of always having to remove them to turn them off.
  8. I asked Serpico about this in October on discord was told think of it as a full service and standing outside is more bug proned.
  9. I seen this the other day while looking around at diff things ... It would be nice to see it in action instead of just pics to get a better feel of how it would be..
  10. Where? cus the one i just read didn't have anything about splitting them into 2 jobs
  11. My idea is to make 2 jobs out of towing and mechanics. Tow duty: You drive to the calls pickup the broken down car tow it to the shop or give it a temp fix .. resulting in the client to pay the tow driver for what was done. Mechanic: They are only on duty while at the current shop they choose to work from.. "sign in as mechanic at the chosen shop" if they leave that shops set area they will be auto clocked off as a mechanic. would also help with people being on as mechanic not doing the work. any other suggestions to this would be great.
  12. 'A pretty simple suggestion. To have the local PD cars that cruise around the city to match the cars/skins that the PD use. Cops like the park rangers could be LSPD Tahoes, Sheriffs would be regular CVPIs etc. It would keep everyone on their toes, instead of immediately dismissing the local police presence as ‘Locals’ and continuing what they were doing unhindered.' Also I am not sure if this idea can be done.. Have the local PD send out a 'Police Officer needing assistance' call to the dispatch after being assaulted and giving the local pd option to use a taser on the person.. we a
  13. Is there a chance that we can manually add our speed? so if a group wants to cruise around on bikes we all can set the limit we want and be gone instead of trying to match it all on the fly
  14. Can we get a car wash for the big trucks in the city the only one I know of that we can use is in Paleto Bay or maybe make the radius wider across from Strawberry store so we can drive behind that current one to wash?
  15. I would like to suggest that towing be able to go on duty from Sandy and Paleto and not just down at the job center not everyone logs out down in the city would be nice to go on duty if you're also in those 2 places right as you get into the server.
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