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  1. hihad

    Patch 3.11

    for the next patch. Please fix the voice calling on phones, its been an issue for such a long time here!
  2. haha you are probably right. This was way too fun to write. I just wanna be a bounty hunter really and steal all their loot like a total badass
  3. This. It's either this or it's still just gonna lay there as a bad attempted feature here. But the easiest way still just seems to have the id go hidden with the crouching IMO. Your expectations on roleplay is not realistic if you're really playing you would know. Not everyone are super hardcore, and lets not pretend that this sight following arrow above the head of your position dont gets abused by others, we gotta have something. Cant just leave it out entirely to RP after all. This is not a text-based hardcore realistic roleplay simulator lmao, give us a hand please. Lets be real honest on this... it's like same bad argument for how they expect people to do bank robberies. There is no way in hell that people are gonna rob a bank in full imaginative "RP" even if it is actually possible - unless there is some actual scripts to help go along with the immerse of it.
  4. I am not insulting the admin team at all? I am just stating that within the growth of the community as a whole and its use, it is very disfunctioning. I do absolutely not mean to insult any of the admin team. I just mean to say that this is smart. I am smart.
  5. I was wondering if it's a good idea to have a Whiteskull system, which potentially could disencourage the benefit of killing other players. Like this: After a civilian has killed certain amount of people they will get a whiteskull for a certain amount of time. While having a whiteskull: -Trashbag with all inventory will be dropped upon their death. - Weazel news will automatically tweet about them with an inserted photo of the character so that others can recognize the "white skull" above their head and report to attorneys on sight if they happen to stumble across these dangerous individuals. *This will encourage the whiteskulls to stay out of town* - Money withdrawal from bank account upon death Extra suggestion: Blackmarket job as a "skull hunter" ? - If skull-hunters kills a person that is wearing a white-skull, they will not get any white-skull. - Skull hunters retrieves the same weapon that you use with the "hunting" and it is their only weapon in hand. - You have to pay 20k to clock in as a skull-hunter
  6. aaaaand noooooo! Dont adress me to just press F7 about this. Because this same figurative issue that I mentioned above will just occur all over and be inbalanced if anyone else involved with searching the "hiding bush" or any other sneak-scenario hasn't pressed F7 either.
  7. Hey! @Morphiushell , I just posted an excellent thread regarding some of this issue that you are mentioning! Please have a read.
  8. "but how are we gonna know when they shot someone and RDM etc,etc" They cant shot or do anything actively out of crouch. Their ID is visible during their every "action". It doesnt make sense anymore for admins to ignore this. It's just better, plus it will be more immersive when people actually LOOK into the bushes and such in the tense moments of hide/seek. I am not gonna RP that my vision is so blind when someone hides in a bush that I MIGHT have actually looked into but nooow I am just gonna get called out for "meta" if I "see" that person hiding anyway and etc... yiiiikes *puke*. This whole thing is just plain stupid. If I wanted to roleplay to such extreme I would go play Second Life instead. Please for the sake of GTA-roleplay let people have their ID above heads hidden when they are crouching. It really lets the function be more functioning really if I actually can *crouch* so to speak. Otherwise it is just a bad half-measured feature really. I am almost upset of how stupid it is getting for the admins to NOT be doing this already. I really appreciate this server and all their decisions really, It is just this one minor issue that basically anyone I have ever met also agrees upon really... This is such an easy thing to fix, with so much potential.
  9. Santa has come to town, now you people behave yourselves or you might just get an early spanking from santa this year. Ho-ho!
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