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  1. I've seen some cool and easy to use clothing UIs on many servers before that I think would be cool to add on Badlands, this isn't an urgent change obviously or something that is NEEDED, just something to consider as I think the current one we have is slyly outdated, maybe I'm wrong.
  2. LOVE the new banking app! In short, as a crim who runs a group and has a business account, it would be sick to have a feature where you can give people access to the business account without them being able to take money out, and them add other people to the account. All it takes is one argument or one salty dude who doesn't like something that's happened, to withdraw all the money and be gone or leave the server. Would be sick to be able to choose what roles people have on that account. E.g you can give someone the ability to take money out and add other people, and some the ability to just put money in but not out. I know you can already send money to the specific business account without taking out, but once again would be cool for them to be able to see the money in there too.
  3. Makes sense, maybe a rule could stop that because that seems like a mechanic exploit to annoy someone IC. Potentially a way to mute the notifications too, the people that don’t want them can turn them off, the people that do on.
  4. Car dealers should have more info on cars not just how much it costs and the discount price they can do. Info such as, top speeds, 0 to 60s, handling, if its front or rear wheel drive, the customisation options that come with the vehicle etc Even the ability to pull out a vehicle that they don't own so that they can allow people to test drive a car. My character has been in the market for a super car but he doesn't want to rush into buying one incase he buys one and regrets the one he got, but there's no way he can test drive it or get more information on it UNLESS he finds someone that also owns that vehicle which at the moment he's been struggling with. Doubt this is the first time it's been recommended, also there can be like a server rule where crims aren't allowed to hold up dealerships to give them a car otherwise that will literally get spammed I feel like.
  5. For the most part yeh I agree with you, I definitely don't think it needs like a huge overhaul so to say where a complete 180 is done on how the damage system works, but I do think it's important for something to change at least. Like I said, from the clips I provided, my bike MAY have been low durability at the time but regardless me rubbing my bike onto a cardbox box shouldn't have caused it to smoke up. From the crim perspective yes you're right, if you're a good criminal, you'll have a good chance to get away whether the vehicle breaks down easy or not, in short, that's the skill gap. You can't drive without crashing and causing your car to smoke? Find a driver. I think one thing EVERYONE will agree with is what I also suggested about having a potential stats panel on our garage UI. If I played for 8 hours straight one day, then don't log back in for a few days foe whatever reason, I don't think I or anyone else will really be able to remember what one of your vehicles went through during that 8 hour session. A simple diagnostic at the mechanic can fix that but it's tedious in my opinion going there back and fourth with each car. This definitely removes the "Hey boss, can you run a diagnostic on my car, see how it's doing?" RP but I don't think it's a BIG miss. If coding in a stat panel into the garage UI is too much work, just a simple option for players to diagnose their vehicle using the M menu could do aswell.. for example M > Vehicle > Diagnose.
  6. Yea I agree with you, I don't know, you don't know, none of us really know the best way to go about it, but I definitely believe that there has to be a change/tweak with it for sure. Like I said, whether they add a stall system or change the durability depending on each car... an example is the Pantos durability should be TRASH, no need to really go into why, I think that's self explanatory. Again, I feel like a stall system or something depending on how hard a crash is would be good. This change could mean less love to the mechanics as people won't need to go as often but another thing that can battle that is if someone damages the body of their car, it stays damaged even if put into a garage and the car gets pulled out later on so that way if someone wants to get their body fixed they HAVE to go to a mechanic.
  7. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/huntley-from-gta-4
  8. Different colour xenon lights: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/colored-xenon-lights + I know I've requested this before and so have others: custom license plates (if possible) + Realistic new in city (GTA Vehicles) I feel like should get added in pretty often, or at least the ones that do get requested. However, I also do understand it's more a case of other priorities before new vehicles rather than just them not being added in.
  9. In my opinion I think cars should not break down as easy as they do. There's times where I might literally tap something at 1 MPH (no exaggeration) and my vehicle will start smoking. I understand that my vehicle body/engine health might have been low prior to that, however, I still feel like they do total too easily. I got some clips below to show. It be great if there was a stall mechanic. Crooks almost have 0 room for error when escaping cops and if there is any room for error it'll probably be one crash and after that the car is done. Don't get me confused, I'm not asking for the cars to be indestructible, it's important for there to be some realism on it obviously, but a sly boost on them I think is and can be important. I've been playing on this server since 2019... before the server went down for a while and I know vehicles were like this even then so I feel like the chances of this changing is low but it's something I can try to recommend at least. If this isn't an option and there's no chance for the durability on vehicles to change, it would be great for us to see the vehicle damage stats when accessing the Garage menu, so we know how damaged the car we're pulling out is.
  10. Ubermacht Cypher part of the Los Santos Tuners update, based on the BMW M2 -- Ubermacht Rebla GTS, based on the BMW X5, part of The Diamond Casino Heist update I suggested this next one months ago but I really think it fits in perfectly with the city: The GTA 4 Sentinel based on the old school BMW M3! I'm a fan of the "in city" cars more than the import cars personally just because of the tuning/modding capabilities.
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