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  1. Nice patch this looking forwarding to getting back on
  2. I agree there is nothing wrong with the selling of drugs in my opinion. Maybe the issue is with the money setup in the city being quite inflated maybe if we make it more realistic economy it would become more RP and less grindy ?
  3. I agree with this and I have seen it with a lot of things where it feels no matter how much RP you put into things they will go with what they want to do. This is what my point is with people not accepting the losses. I mean they know exactly whats going on but you could have the best RP reason for it and they will still raid you. I am not saying this is with all police but form my experience so far thats how it has been. Example: I set an item for sale have someone buy it before he walks out the door cops arrive. They ask is this your store he answers no they let him leave. They enter shop one heads towards the safe other asks me is this your shop I say no and I as I go to leave I am asked to put my hands up I am being detained until investigations are complete.
  4. No I am seeing what I think I am seeing. Look all I am trying to do is contribute with some suggestions. I have been informed of the correct channels to report such issues if they arise in the future. I have asked some friends to come back and play and do the same if they have any issues. In the end all we want to do is have fun. RP in my opinion is about taking the losses as well as the wins. Sometimes the loss is more fun and we tend to remember those losses for a long time. I have just ran into a lot of situations where people go out their way to ensure that they and their group/friends win. I will say it again we have a diamond in the ruff here and if we can all work together I am sure the server will keep on growing. However atm I feel people are more power gaming rather than roleplaying.
  5. What I was getting at was the cops shouldn't be using their own cash to pay out for tows etc that should come from the government. Having judges and a court system would allow for us to roleplay such things as going for compensation etc etc. If you are proven correct then the government would pay out. It's simply just another layer of RP is what I was suggesting there.
  6. Yea basically what I am saying is either have separate characters or have a record for all crimes committed and make it that doing crime they can/will lose their job ie being a dirty cop. And of course you can't be hired if you are a criminal. Something else to potentially look into would be judges etc who can pay out compensation for crimes etc I tried to RP this recently when my car was speed bombed and I got a lawyer involved etc looking for compensation due to the damages etc but i was told its not a thing and any payment from the cops etc come from their own pocket. Ie like when doing tows etc. Surely the cops shouldn't have to use their own pay if thats the case they are unlikely to want to call for tows etc.
  7. Yes something like this would go a long way to helping the situation. I have seen and others have also noted instances where cops have went out their way to help those they are affiliated with during criminal interactions etc and also experienced instances where they used information obtained before clocking in on duty.
  8. Hi, I strongly believe we need to do away with cops and criminals on the same character as its very open for them to use inside information etc. Right now it is too easy for someone to just sign on as a cop and use information etc of very recent on-goings. There is also a high risk that the cops will favor friends/gang members over others when policing situations. Does anyone else agree that you should have separate characters to perform the role of a Police Officer?
  9. Yea man sounds dope tbh. Id love to take peeps out on fishing trips would add some great RP situations if it was worth while for people to RP and make some money at the sametime
  10. Yea I think we have missed a trick with the tow trucking system. I am not saying copy another citys setup but a lot can be taken from the current setup for towing on no pixel. The need for cars to marked for towing isn't great at all plus very buggy. I mentioned before and it was noted that it can be abused but again thats a crime and should be handled by the police/admins like the other crimes etc are. Even possibly changing the system and making it a whitelist job if need be where people are interviewed for the role etc will limit the abusers.
  11. This would be an awesome addition
  12. I am glad to see some others have an interest in this aswell. Hopefully we can get more love for this and it can become a thing. Id love to run a business taking people out on fishing trips.
  13. A suggestion I would have is if we can look into an improved fishing set up. I have seen on other servers that you can fish for Sharks, Stingrays etc and they sell depending on the type of fish. This makes having a boat and going out to better areas much better. This would possibly lead people taking others on fishing trips etc
  14. Did the Tow Truck bugs get a fix?
  15. I am really enjoying this Roleplay stuff however it seems others just take it as a shooter game and are missing out on all the fun parts. Its not all about you its about enabling others and their stories etc people need to learn to go with the flow.
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