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  1. I mean maybe some of the older players have more than 1 supercar but most people I see have either no supercar or one supercar + some various other cars.
  2. Yeah I actually feel this way completely as well. It's easy to say money is useless and you should only RP else you're not doing it right whenever you have the things you want. Some people may really want a super car, and if they can choose to scuba for a week then get back to the fun stuff I don't really see that as a character flaw. The point I feel like this thread is making though is that the people who choose to not just straight grind money, but instead RP via drug dealing, being a criminal etc, are being too harshly punished financially, thus they are unable to do the RP that they want without the grinding. You cannot tell someone with under 100k that the 15k fine & licence revocation & loss of a firearm isn't that big of a deal because it's about RP not money. That fine is a huge hit to their bank account if it happens ONCE. If it happens twice within a short time frame e.g. twice per cycle or twice per day or hell even twice per week then things start getting really bad for that individual, to the point that they feel like being a criminal isn't viable.
  3. I ran out of ammo in my only gun fight with the cops. It cost me my life & my license. Never making that mistake again (buying a gun)
  4. I never really understood this approach. Not every job needs to be competitive with scubadiving & cocaine, but if it's so much lower than those two that it's barely worth it any fun value it offers is negligible. People like being police officers, which as I understand make $1250 every 5 mins, which is $15000 / hr vs. a civ which is $200 / 5mins for 2400 / hr, i.e. being a cop makes a smooth 12.6k per hour, is probably the most fun job in the city, has constant interactions with other players etc. This is a good bar to set for what an "RP before money" type job should be. There's plenty of RP to be had, you don't need in-game mechanics to do it. You can fish without selling the fish & still get RP. When people go trucking, do deliveries, scuba diving cocaine etc it's partly for the RP & partly for the money. If the RP is nonexistent (scuba diving) they'll still do the job. If the money is nonexistent (fishing) no one does the job. I disagree that it's a problem with player mentality. Part of the fun of these types of games is the using of the money. Wether that implies you're saving for your sick supercar you've always wanted or you want to RP as the owner of a bank and hand people 50k+ cash for their "investments" you'll need money.
  5. The trucks are pretty tanky, which as you are showing here can be a problem in a police pursuit but I would argue that they shouldn't be changed for the following reasons. 1. Their max speed is like 120 MPH which is far too slow to escape a cop, their acceleration while seemingly good for a truck is overall very shit. 2. They can't turn very well. If I'm going 60mph and need to take a 90 degree turn which is like every road in the city, I pretty much have to bring my speed down to like <30. If I'm going above 60 the brakes are so trash I'll likely have to use both the normal brakes & the E-brake. While normally this causes a vehicle to spin out of control with the trucks it actually makes them more managable and slowdown a lot quicker. With these two points I'd argue that while it might be difficult for a cop to pit you or disable your engine, you're not exactly going to lose them. You can't corner, your acceleration is bad, and your top speed is well below theirs. 3. Trucks a big, their turning radius is bad and from my personal experience I often bump into shit accidently. Some things I bump into would completely wreck a normal cars engine (street lamps for instance) but the truck is able to take much more of a beating. This is really nice for the trucking job because if your engine starts taking damage you go *really* slow. I personally feel like the truck is a primarily job vehicle, any ability to escape from the cops due to the tankyness is, imo, irrelevant when you factor in points 1 and 2. So I will have to disagree with you on this -- whenever I accidently run into a street light I really don't want my engine to be blown. Then again I never even fathomed running from the cops in a truck because it seemed futile. Also trucking is how I make money so naturally I'd be opposed to this.
  6. First time I ever used a gun in a crime my firearms license was seized by some salty cops, we provided RP as well. Literal first time ever using a gun in a crime & I'm out 20k + 12 hrs + 30k to rebuy + 40k to rebuy again if it gets seized again. The price of 10 firearms licenses went from 200k -> 650k. The 11th one will cost 120k. That's assuming it goes up by 10k everytime which I was told it does. Insane. So 30 mins jailtime + like 20k rest + 20k fine +30k to rebuy if I do I'm out 70k + 30 mins. If I paid the fines I'd still get hella jailtime because felonys and be out nearly 100k. I should add there was no debate. The cop came to me and said he's taking my license, that's that. Now here's my charges. I asked about a lawyer he said no. Apparently high ranking cops can fuck you over without the need of a lawyer because fuck it why not. I understand the cops perspective on things. I've seen cop streams, it can sometimes feel like they're running into bad rpers & griefers & powergamers nonstop. But something they need to understand is that they're specifically only interacting with people commiting crimes. That means they're more likely to run into those people right off the bat. Now combine that with some other factors I've noticed - As a cop you'll probably only remember the really good rpers & the really bad rpers. Everyone else you'll enjoy but not really remember. Ontop of that when theres only like 3 cops online during the mid-day / early morning hours, which is when I usually play, anytime a criminal is doing some ratchet shit like shooting cops or taking hostages the entire police force will probably be brought down to that call. Someone cooperating with police or just otherwise having a good time will likely not do so. Which means that cops are more prone to seeing every terrible shitshow, but very few of the wonderful performances. I really do think this taints their image of criminals. The same is true in reverse. I've had only one bad experience with cops (the licence revocation) and several good. That bad experience though was really annoying. So It's burned into my memory moreso than any of the good experiences. This can create a bad feedback loop where a cop mistreats a criminal or a criminal mistreats a cop, and so they don't get along the next time they interact, which causes them to mistreat eachother -- you see where this is going. Typically though cops can harm criminals more than criminals can harm cops. Also I've felony evaded like 3 times and on the second time they were ready to seize my driver's license but a lawyer got me out of that. You're not going to convince cops to not fuck you over with fines nor are you going to change the way the server operates. The change to firearms & driver's revocations was 3.11 so they're going in the opposite direction you want them to go. To me it seems they want to discourage gang RP and infact discourage crime altogether with changes like this. I don't really care about being max fined at this point I've just accepted it the cops rarely give you breaks except on speeding tickets & shit. You commit a felony they just read from their list of crimes & their fines verbatim. It doesn't really bother me, either, I make plenty of money to compensate. But man license revocations are just plain stupid. Every cop I talk to acts as if it's there to punish rule breakers & hardcore non-rpers & the like. But they're removing them left & right from what I can tell. And the punishment for it is severe as fuck. I'm not bothering with it anymore I'm just buying a knife. I hope I stab a cop and he says he's going to take away my firearms license only to realize he can't. From an RP standpoint it would make sense to take a criminals right to firearms if he misues the right, but from a gameplay standpoint it just feels extremely punishing and not fun. Also I'll say this - If "everyone" is doing scuba diving then clearly "everyone" enjoys grinding money. If a large majority of players on the server enjoy doing one thing I don't really see why it should be discouraged/punished. For me personally I RP when I want to and I farm money when I want to. I enjoy the economy & grinding aspect. I paid some guy 100k to become an "investor" in his bank and that was straight RP with a money loss, and it was fun but like damn I'm not going to do that everyday nor could I afford that shit.
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