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  1. While unlikely that you'll convince anyone of this I actually love the idea of a taser license which can be revoked just the same as a gun license and using a taser in place of a gun. Personally I doubt just how often it would be abused, because people who do abuse it probably also abuse firearms, and the difference is a taser doesn't kill. Obviously though you could permastun someone with a taser which probably makes this unlikely. Sadly bad people really ruin things
  2. +1 have lost an entire scuba inventory to server reset once and was very annoying. More importantly though like Nate said sometimes bugs do happen and basically as it stands now you have about .2microsecond to figure your shit out or else you dead brother
  3. First of all I really haven't the slightest clue how the RP of something else entirely has any relevance to this discussion. Secondly it's not about the money. A lot of people have posted about how not to get caught or how to try and avoid getting caught. If that's the route everyone wants to go I guess go for it Cleaning dirty money atm is 120k per hour which surpasses everything else but I'm interested in the RP. In it's current form there is no RP only a reverse robbery. You clearly seem to agree that store robberies are not very exciting, so then surely you must agree that the way store raids are handled is not exciting either. I'd rather sell an item for a huge dirty cash amount and then have cops come and then we actually RP the situation. It seems everyone, yourself included, would rather have it setup such that we clean dirty money in secret and nobody knows we are doing it. At this point why wouldn't I just scuba dive. I'm worried the entire point of the original post has completely been lost. If it were about the money I wouldn't have bothered with this post. I've cleaned dirty money at 7am before, as many others have. That timezone frequently has no or 1 cop online. It's so extremely easy to clean dirty money for the entire 6 hours.
  4. Oh that's lame then. I thought others could hear me when I talked lol.
  5. TBH I don't know how phones work because everytime I ask if the person on the other line can hear me they've only said yes when I hold the in-game push to talk button. I.e. other's can hear my phone call. I figure it's easy enough to just hit the N key when you talk on the phone, most people who care about RP do it already.
  6. People get arrested way too often for a court case to be viable, however it would be an awesome thing for *something*. What that something is - I don't know. However it would be cool if even just the base was there so civs could run civil lawsuits vs eachother. I don't know if there's a proper courthouse interior in the city but if that was added at least some people could utilize it, sort of like how some people utilize the bank interior on bank#7
  7. Every single time I've opened a store I've done it in tandem with an exotic car rental service. All except for one time the cops came in 3 strong and it ended in a uncontested store raid in under 5 minutes everytime. There's no reason for me to put any effort into RPing in this scenario because in the end I will be a money laundered who's charged 8k + loss of Dirty money. My suggestion is a reworking in the way police approach stores: One officer checks in on it and depending on how the RP goes down, i.e. if the store owner can explain why the IRS has reported the store, then maybe they just let the store be. If he decides it's a criminal operation then he should have to go to MRPD himself, or at least give the criminals a chance to do something. As it stands as soon as the cops show up I either A. Immediatelly take hostages and shoot to kill or B. Surrender and lose 8k+dirty money. - I've chosen option B everytime because I'm not there just to pvp. I've not even had the chance to RP at all in any of the scenarios because the cops try to instantly get to the back room and perform a search of the store, then they radio to MRPD. The way it works now is forcing it to be extremely narrow limited RP, and really not even RP just gunplay.
  8. Cops have tons of advantages in combat I don't really see the problem with civs having a better form of healing personally. Also if I as a civ am able to be covered by my partner while I smoke a joint to heal in the safety of cover I don't really see that as powergaming. Best case scenario it's powergaming because we're smoking a joint instead of applying a bandage but that's due to limitations of city.
  9. This sounds like a cool job with good rp opportunity. Would love to see engineer reworked as well because I like the concept of it just not it's actual implementation
  10. Why does nearly every suggestion about cop & civ related stuff get immediately talked down by saying it will be abused? Obviously anything which gives people the ability to "win" vs. cops will be "abused" by *some* players. But I don't think you can just shut down every suggestion because of the worst possible outcomes that can result from it. A lot of cool things can and do happen on a daily basis using the existing in-game mechanics and those same existing mechanics can be abused to do stuff that is generally disliked. Infact I do believe if something like this were implemented it would reduce some of the negatives of trying to RP breaking your friend out of police custody. Currently if you're wanting to break your friend out of cuffs you are forced to take an officer hostage, probably shoot him & others, etc. But as it stands now if 100% of scenarios that you want to save your friend from cuffs you'll have to take a cop hostage, then adding this would reduce that to at least <100% because at least every now & then you'd be able to save your friend via bolt cutters without taking anyone hostage. (cops distracted, cops leave him alone, whatever) As for the suggestion itself I do think it's a cool idea, and I've seen this same suggestion in other places on the forums. A lot of civs seem to support the idea, and a lot of civs seem to dislike the idea. The main areas of dislike seems concentrated on the idea that powergamer but I think people should be more optimistic about things. Granted I have significantly less experience than others but so far my bad experiences have been fairly limited. Edit: As for zipties, and specifically the idea that you'd ziptie someone somewhere random and leave them there alone just to annoy them -- you can just make it a rule to not do that? I mean there's rules to not just shoot players randomly, so it'd be just as easy I'd imagine to enforce a rule to not ziptie players randomly.
  11. Turismo classic looks cooler imo and I don't really see anyone drive it around. It is terrible at handling but has high top speed.
  12. It's even more expensive for cars over $500,000 in cost. I believe it's 1% of your car's value or $5000, whichever is more expensive. My 865k cheetah is 8650 to recover. I can only imagine the heartache of an xa-21 owner losing connection. But tbh owning multiple cars solves that, and it prevents people from driving into the ocean to avoid cops without at least losing their car in the process unless they pay big money for it. That seems, to me, the original intention. I would add that with the wanted system it seems rather redundant to also have the exorbitant recovery fee, but that's just my opinion.
  13. I mean maybe some of the older players have more than 1 supercar but most people I see have either no supercar or one supercar + some various other cars.
  14. Yeah I actually feel this way completely as well. It's easy to say money is useless and you should only RP else you're not doing it right whenever you have the things you want. Some people may really want a super car, and if they can choose to scuba for a week then get back to the fun stuff I don't really see that as a character flaw. The point I feel like this thread is making though is that the people who choose to not just straight grind money, but instead RP via drug dealing, being a criminal etc, are being too harshly punished financially, thus they are unable to do the RP that they want without the grinding. You cannot tell someone with under 100k that the 15k fine & licence revocation & loss of a firearm isn't that big of a deal because it's about RP not money. That fine is a huge hit to their bank account if it happens ONCE. If it happens twice within a short time frame e.g. twice per cycle or twice per day or hell even twice per week then things start getting really bad for that individual, to the point that they feel like being a criminal isn't viable.
  15. I ran out of ammo in my only gun fight with the cops. It cost me my life & my license. Never making that mistake again (buying a gun)
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