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  1. Hello, I recently bought a pilot's license, and I read the rules listed in game. However, I have a few of questions: 1.) Since the aircraft can't be used to do anything illegal, what happens if you give a ride to someone and they have drugs or lockpicks on them? Or what happens if they have a warrant out for their arrest? How can I possibly filter out these possibilities? 2.) If I steal an aircraft, is that grounds for losing my license? 3.) I realize I can only land on heli pads in the lower half of the map, what are the restrictions for landing in the upper half? 4.) If I loan my aircraft to another player, and he does something against the rules, is it his license on the line or mine? I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but that's all I can think of now. Thanks for your time.
  2. I would love to see working radios in the apartments. More specifically, I would like to have access to the same radio stations in apartments as I have in my cars. I bought my apartment 2 days ago, and I've already had 2 parties there. It seems really odd not to be able to have music while people are chatting and hanging out. A few of my guests (who had not been in an apartment before) even commented about how there was no music. Currently, there isn't a lot of things to do in an apartment, but adding music would help with creating an atmosphere where RP could take place.
  3. I think that the amount of time a character can hold their breath underwater should be reconsidered. I haven't put a stopwatch to it, but the time is super short! I recommend something like 30 seconds to 1 minute before starting to take damage. There are three benefits to this: 1.) When scuba diving, you will have a more reasonable amount of time to change tanks or make it to the surface if you run out of air from a tank. 2.) When scuba diving and the server goes down (this happened to me yesterday), you will have time to equip a scuba tank before drowning when you log back in. I load the game pretty fast, and my character drown before I was able to equip another tank when logging back in. I submitted a support ticket, and was refunded the money I lost, but that also took time for an admin to handle. 3.) It would also allow people to dive underwater for short periods of time (like snorkeling).
  4. Thank you for clarifying. You post is extremely helpful.
  5. Hello, I'd like to ask a few questions so I can better understand what is allowed and what isn't. It is my intention to play a criminal character, but I want to do so without breaking server rules. A friend and I made new characters that are criminals. They have similar personality traits like always making bad decisions, always broke, and they refuse to get a legit job because "that's what suckers do". The bottom line is that they intend to commit crimes and get caught a lot. The character bio goes way deeper than this, but I don't want to bore you with it all. Please keep in mind that everything we are doing is about RP and creating content. It is not our intention to RDM or to grief players. My questions about the rules: 1.) Are we allowed to point a gun at someone and rob them? Meaning demand their money and/or items? For example, we see a taco truck parted on the street. We observe that he is selling to multiple customers, and conclude that he has cash on his person. We run up to the truck, point our guns at the driver, then demand that he put his hands up and give us his money. (we give plenty of time for him to RP and comply.) If he refuses to comply with our demands, we threaten to shoot him. If he continues refusal of our demands, we shoot him and run away. 2.) If we are allowed to rob someone in that manner, does it make any difference if we do it as a team? Meaning me and 1 friend. 3.) If we work as a team, are we considered a gang? If this isn’t considered a gang, at what point will we be considered a gang? (more people join us or whatever) 4.) If robbing and kidnapping are allowed, are there any locations where this can't take place? For example, at a bank, garage 2/6, etc. I'd like to state that I have read the server rules over and over again, located here: Under RDM, it says: -You must verbally state clear and reasonable demands to an intended target, and give a reasonable amount of time for the target to respond. If a player complies then you must provide a valid reason within RP to use force against them. And under Gang Violence, it says: -Gang violence is not allowed in player-populated areas of the greater Los Santos area (Legion Square, legal job areas, the yacht, etc.) -Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the game play of other players. As a result of these rules, I’m unclear if my friend and I are considered a gang, and if we are allowed to play criminal characters in this manner. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the wall of text.
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