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  1. Tons of super helpful guides here on the forums as well. Being new to role-play though, I'd suggest trying to figure out as much as you can in role-play. Lot more fun that way in my opinion. If you're on server 1, tons of people hang out at the 2/6 mechanic shop. People tend to be really helpful there.
  2. As long as you reach greatness, does it really matter how? lol
  3. I unfortunately did not get the names of the responding EMS personnel, but if they read this they will know who they are. Yesterday, the craziest thing happened to me with a local. Harold decided he had enough of us civilians being in his city and using his parking apparently as well. I pulled next to garage on Del Perro Fwy and got out of my vehicle. I apparently blocked access to Harold's favorite parking spot because after honking only once Harold backed up and floored it in my direction. That time I was lucky and he only clipped me and proceeded down a cliff. I checked over the side, but did not spot him or his vehicle. So, I went back about my business. A few moments later Harold comes flying over the cliff and runs right over me. As I lay there defeated and humiliated begging for assistance, Harold decides he wasn't done. He proceeds to start circle, running back over me every few seconds. Needless to say he didn't stop. Once EMS arrived, once would have assumed Harold would flee the scene of his crime. Harold was an OG, not to be deterred. An extremely unsafe environment EMS had to standby and watch Harold continuously run me over. The tried everything they could until they had to make the call for police assistance. Before assistance could arrive however, a good samaritan arrived and decided to use his vehicle to try to deter Harold. Harold was relentless despite the good samaritan. One of the EMS tried to perform CPR briefly to give me more time, but had to run out of the way as Harold was bearing down on us quickly. A few moments later however, Harold become slightly less erratic for a few moments. The other EMS ran vigorously back into the danger zone and drug me as fast as possible out of the situation. Being sure to avoid further injury to my clearly broken spine of course ;). Needless to say both EMS responded to a routine call where it was anything other than routine and in an effort to preserve life at times risked their own. For that I am EXTREMELY grateful and hope those involved see this post and get the recognition they truly deserve! Victor Carter.
  4. Hi all, I searched quite a bit, although I did it quite fast so I may have overlooked it. I was wondering if an option for business employees to add money to the business was a possibility. Not be able to see how much was in there or withdraw, but simply add. Allows employees a little more flexibility if owners aren't available at that moment. Plus allows a little more RP options in my opinion. Example: We started a mafia style family, which means kick ups from Made Men and Capos...Made Men kick up to Capos, Capos who are essentially leaders of the family too are added to our business. They have leniency to buy things, store things, take from the chest, etc...so having them be able to kick their money up directly into the business to allow them to continue providing to mad men, even if the Don isn't on. Thats just one example, I'm sure there can be other examples but yea. Plus things happen in the real world, if the owner is tied up for anything in real life and the business runs out of money then that business is defunct until the owner can get back on. Just a suggestions, but my 2 cents!
  5. I just want to point out that some people actually do nothing but work as a mechanic full time. No extra curricular activities or anything. Its nice to see that happen, would be nice to see it at multiple garages too. The reason I say that and point it out is because it could keep the amount of "mechanics" logging in down if there was a better way to incentivize more people from just logging in to be able to fix their own cars. Stopping at a shop and having the price to fix yourself be like 5k because there are so many mechanics on kinda sucks when youre far from most of the population. I feel if there was something to work up to as a mechanic, or something different (maybe clocking in/out at a specific shop like you do for wine.) Then offering something to build up to as a mechanic could go a long way for the legal RP in the city. Just my 2 cents.
  6. *OOC* I am not completely new to RP, but its been a while. I've been focusing on shooter type games on the PC for a long time and most of my RP were totally different genres. But, I'm looking forward to spending time here and getting to know everyone. I hope to really learn more here about the GTA type RP and just have a good time. I spend a lot of time here, I work weird days and times but hope to make new friends! *end of OOC* Hello everyone, The name is Victor Carter. I've been in the city a little over a week now. A good friend (I'll let him make his own introductions) and I are from the east coast. We had success and were starting to make a name for ourselves when a very costly and destructive war cost us everything. Between the deaths and the weakness in business operations, the feds took the opportunity to start seizing assets and arresting associates and friends of ours. Everyone was going down and organized crime as we knew it was crumbling. That being said, we decided to cut our losses while we were still under the radar and leave the east coast. We bounced around from town to town, making a few dollars along the way, until he got a tip about this city. He scouted out a bit before I got here and informed me of the great people and opportunities here. So, I caught a train on over and the rest is history. We have started up a new family in the city called The Syndicate. A little reminiscint of the good old days on the east coast. We have made some quality family and friends since being here and look forward to the future. A little extra, I like to dress well; always have even as a child and always will. So, you'll likely spot me in a suit or a least something professional. I like to make money and definitely like spreading the wealth. I was always taught to not mix business with pleasure and to choose friends wisely. I love cars, fixing cars, racing, etc., if I have the time. Spent some time early in my career as a mechanic, so those skills definitely come in handy from time to time. I have a little experience with boats and planes from uh, extracurricular activities. I digress, find me in the city. I would love to meet more people and become a true part of the city for the future! Victor Carter
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