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  1. I have seen in other cities that just by sending the person you plan to kill a text that clearly states that you are going to kill them they look at that as you engaged the next time you see that player you can kill them. I would like this very much. it would create people to be after phone numbers of their enemies and people may be a little more secretive with their number. would be fun..
  2. If we added Charges for this, Stolen property Felony, plus illegal firearm, and made it super duper expensive if you get caught with the shotgun or smg, then i could see it being something cool... If I remember I heard that we may be looking at a lot longer prison sentences as well so make it a max penalty Federal Crime. people would do it but would probably be pretty scared to at the same time which would limit how often it happen.
  3. Taser tag is so much fun, it would be a lot cooler if it was bigger, It would also be cool if we could take out the one hit melee because that is a drag having fun and then bam ruined, or maybe put a thing in that if you get taser whipped it's like being tased instead of instant downed. Just an idea.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned or thought about. Car dealership Car salesmen could go with people on test drives in short drives around the dealership You can only test drive a vehicle that you have the money to be able to purchase. Car salesmen could make a very small percentage of what the car cost when sold. IF THIS ISNT AN OPTION What about if you purchased a car and decided it didn't fit your character or it just isn't what you thought it would be. it would be cool if you could sell it back in like 30 mins and get full refund instead of getting charged
  5. It would be cool if the business had like a Hierarchy system. Ceo: Owns Business can have access to transactions ect can fire or demote people from the business and can do anything in the business. Director of finances: Can access transactions, order from the business, set an amount someone can order or put a hold on someone that maybe owes to much money so they can not order anything. can deposit into the business but can not withdrawal. Managers: have a production crew of "general workers" managers can only order from the business. but have access to storage and company closet
  6. It would be cool if there was a CB radio channel in the discord or in the game that you could talk to other truckers it gets lonely long haul truck driving and would add some more fun to the game. Just an idea I thought about.
  7. I was trying to figure out how to join some role play servers and was suggest this one. I am a streamer on Facebook known by the name Oregon Donor. I hope I can figure it out because I have never done anything like this.
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