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  1. I second this! I would love to tell everyone about the best football team of all time. The Pittsburgh Steelers!
  2. I think that it would be nice to have the rental car bus or vinewood tour bus as an additional vehicle to the taxi job. Would be cool to do tour rides and shuttle rides with a bunch of people. Could very easily open up more in city events (i.e. Tour rides. Bus trips to go to a court case. Bus rides to watch races at the airstrip. Bus to pickup people after a skydiving adventure to bring them back to there cars.) Im sure we could find more, I just think it would be a nice addition.
  3. Hey! I am a returning player. I played for a while then when the server came to an end I went to a new city. My name was Christopher Black and I was in EMS. I just happened to check discord and realized 2.0 had released, and I am now back. Anything majorly different I should know about, hoping to get back into ems and enjoy the badlands life once again!!
  4. Storage Drawrs! Makes for very nice sorted chest
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