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  1. yea i understand that just some suggestions with things people can physically look at to get a kind of idea
  2. Here is just a few things i think could be great for the sever obviously some of this might not work out properly but i think it has alot of potential some other things not with links i think that would be worth having are some more POI (Points of Interest) in Grapeseed so it gives more traffic other than growing weed would also make police patrolling up there worth it more than just checking the illegal areas id like to see more use of the whole map compared to just the main city and sandy there is a whole section of highway etc unused same with paleto area it could use more traffic maybe have some jobs or something in that area just suggestions to try and get full use of the entire map as well as promote other scenarios for a different experience for everyone! Stealing from Cars etc: found a really nice link that can be a starting point if this is something that can be added to the server Stealing from Local Cars Etc - https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/watch-dogs-vehicle-looting-net Car-jacking: Something that can add more than just lock picking i think the chances of them running out of the car should be alot lower than the mod suggest so if someone tries to car jack its triggered and police have time to respond Car jacking: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/better-carjacking Washing car with animation: i seen a previous suggestions making mechanic shops a one stop shop wash fix and gas if available at the shop found a really cool mod that uses rags or sponges that can possibly be looked at for that Washing Cars: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/washathome-glubbfreund Robbing Atms: probably something that can be considered a petty crime or even as harsh as robbing a store? unsure but might be a cool feature to have and maybe it requires a certain weapon like hammer or crowbar im not sure but alot of possibility with this one ATM Robberies: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/atm-robberies or this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/atm-robberies-bank-heists Pick pocketing just another suggestion i found on the list of mods something more petty not as harsh as a crime https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickpocket-script Bait Cars: this is for the police if people have the ability to lockpick/loot cars this can help police to catch them idk how good this type of mod would be but its just a nice suggestion can let the crims have all the fun https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bait-car Real Estate: maybe this is something to consider in the future if we can increase player limit in the server so that people can buy houses/apts and the motels can be rented for a weekly fee or something like that https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/the-savehouse-mod-houses-hotels-and-apartments-lua Breathalyzer: another thing for police but if its possible to detect if people are also high on any drug would allow police to arrest people for dui or public intoxication etc if it can be changed can have a great use for multiple things https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/breathalyzer Robbing Homes: another petty crime that i think would be a good addition to the game https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/home-invasion-extended
  3. Thanks always love running into people
  4. I like the idea of white list prio but maybe limit the prio to 1/3 pop to allow others opportunities to join or even a prio for EMS I’m so tired of no ems and paying 1500$
  5. I have played on a few servers that allow lockpicking local cars that had pawn shop locations could open up a pawn job at a location idk, You’d get a variety of watches stereos other misc items that had a variety of prices. robbing houses similar to cars but had a return of money and misc items I think it would benefit crime rp to allow some people to do petty crimes and not have to deal with heavier fines or jail times can also keep officers busier and get more interactions with different scenarios
  6. Formerly Clyde Barrow and Tyson Hughes from 1.0 love the changes and new faces can’t wait to see what’s in store you’ll see me riding around rocking green with the primo on hydraulics!
  7. Just add a separate location leading to a door you escort the person to send them to prison “prisoner pick up location”
  8. I posted in a separate thread about escorting etc but end also having doctors so say during a crime someone goes down but you can get them in the car but you are forced to take them to the hospital to RP with a doc or end and still have a chance of getting caught, add maybe something like docs/ems informing police when getting gunshot victims
  9. Possibly add fake tags for cars as well sold at a decent price from black market, this could add some RP for police they would have to go more based off vehicles description and player description instead of being able to identify a player by the car and place a warrant even if the criminal escapes. And would have police do stops on vehicles suspected of the crime. Possibly add a feature to not allow vehicles used in crime to be stored or customized for X amount of time forcing them to either abandon or keep using the vehicle. (Police can remove fake tags after chases to identify the owner if found abandoned or caught and using fake I’d)
  10. Can lawyers and tow truck drivers not lose their license? maybe that also opens the discussion that the cost of these license increases and maybe it be a probationary period after losing said license and have jobs with the license be valued higher than the basic jobs delivery driver peach picker etc. it’s always great to have others input to possibly open up to other suggestions and further the development of something
  11. Posting a large amount of suggestions some may be repeats I do apologize if that is the case, some are rough ideas and don't go into much detail but just a broad idea to maybe inspire even more suggestions from other players and or the Devs themselves. Improvements to existing jobs All jobs Each get a set wage for salary for the down time in between jobs etc Add a designated outfit sets for each job to distinguish Workers from Civilians/Criminals Tow truck driver Can impound illegally parked Civilian & Local Cars (Civilian cars will be marked for X amount of time to allow the player to move them before getting towed) Tow truck can no longer work at mechanic shop but receives increased pay for impounds and tows also locals may call for tows Ability to rent/lease truck for X percent of each job until truck is payed off responsible for repairs when storing truck in garage Taxi Driver Doesn't need to buy own vehicle can gets from the lot Requires driver license still Can fuel at lot for free Has more local calls Trucking Can lease/rent truck similar to tow truck Can choose to get paid X per mile or X per load at clock in Decreased payment for damaged loads delivered Replace less appealing jobs and possibly add other jobs Legal jobs Mechanic Can run a shop X/6 Limit shops to 2 mechanics per shop Repairs cost materials body damage cost (plastic,glass) engine issues cost (oil,misc parts) just examples this eliminates preferred shops and forces RP based on defined cost To run a shop a mechanic must pay X amount for parts to run shop Whoever runs shops clocks in the additional mechanic to eliminate excessive amounts of mechanics( if no mechanics on duty can still repair car for set cost at a shop) Meter maid Can mark cars for impound if illegally parked (vehicles marked for impound will be marked for X amount of time to allow the owner a chance to move it then an alert sent to tow truck) Can fine/boot vehicles for parking infractions (fines are minor to eliminate power trips and boots are applied to fined vehicles or they are disabled until payed) Has a specific vehicle used when on the clock Real estate agent Sells houses apartments and car dealerships to Civilians Gets a portion of sale as Agent fees Lowered salary due to chance of increased fees Car Dealer/Sales rep (possibly include real estate agent) Sells cars clothes or cuts hair (maybe houses) Gets a portion of sale as the rep or receives a certain salary while on premises of specific area Add steps to increase revenue off fishing and peaches (Optional steps) Peaches Add a processing step to make jam for additional money (requires a jar or nothing additional) Fishing Add a cleaning/fillet step for additional revenue (only certain fish available to fillet all available for cleaning) General quality of play ideas Decrease cost of Tents and add apartments and houses for purchase and possibly for lease (can be used as safe houses etc) Require an exam to get BAR certification (increase cost for certification) Add prosecutor attorney to deal criminals avoids arresting officer having full control of suspects fate and provides jobs to multiple lawyers (can possibly limit lawyers to 1 per side then eliminating 2 lawyers representing the same client) Add additional Heist/Robbery locations also add tiered robbery stages requiring specific equipment or weapons for increased payout may also get dirty money or “hot items” ^^^^ Add fence or a system to clean money and cool down hot merchandise if adding suggestion above LSPD officers caught in criminal activity above traffic violations and basic infractions can be suspended or fire depending on severity after being fired can reapply after X amount of time (Or add a punishment system for offending officers) Add a Doctor job for LSFD and eliminate the self care check in hospitals (possibly add bandages you can purchase at hospitals for basic healing only heals to certain point fixes limbs etc but doesn't heal fully) Allow other players to escort downed Civilians would help with those who get stuck in odd locations with other Civilians around and possibly allow them to bring them to hospital for treatment (can also benefit criminal activity and increase RP for escaped yet down criminals who have to bring there friend to the hospital for treatment) Add function of putting players in trunks (would improve the hostage scenario if you have over capacity for a vehicle (4 + hostage) Add additional vehicles and customization for existing vehicles (Possibly more Engine modifications for lower tier vehicles for some who like the body style but don't like the performance) Add more crimes/fines that can be charged within reason (would add some suggestions but I'm not 100% sure of all possible crimes that can be charged) Add more character customization options like tattoos etc (may help more with gang affiliation) also make tattoos permanent/require surgery to remove making it expensive to remove
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